How to escape the pit in High on Life

The player character shooting a green gun in High on Life gameplay.

The player character shooting a green gun in High on Life gameplay.

Learning to escape the pit in High on Life is a difficult task indeed. This new game from Justin Roiland, who had a hand in the creation of Rick and Morty, is filled with intense sequences like this. So get ready to see a lot of strange things in this first-person shooter!

In the game, you will find many different missions in which you will have to hunt down and destroy members of the space cartel. On one of the bounty missions, you will need to escape from the pit. Therefore, this guide will tell you how to escape pit in High on Life.

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How to escape the pit in High on Life

Escaping the pit in High on Life occurs just after a boss battle against one of your bounties, Krubis. With the boss itself, you are unlikely to have any problems. Just don't get hit by his attacks, and you'll win quickly. After that, you can take his DNA and, more importantly, get a new gun. Gus (that's the name of your new weapon) unlocks a new way for you to move around. It can shoot discs that will get stuck in lava-like walls. You can climb those discs to get to higher places.

Once Gus teaches you this new feature, you will need to get out of the pit to complete the mission and finish the bounty. Fortunately, this is very easy to do. You must climb up the corridors and destroy all enemies on your way. Also, in the process, Papa Gus will teach you how to pull enemies toward you. Your last action in this mission is activating the Zip-line, which definitively gets you out of the pit.

However, this is where the problems begin. Many players report that after they pressed the button, the Zip-line does not fire, and they cannot leave the level. Unfortunately, the only way to fix this is to restart the game. Also, you can try to start the game using another save file. Although this will force you to play the game from the beginning, for most players it helped to solve the problem with the faulty Zip-line. Of course, it should also be patched fairly soon.

The player character shooting an astronaut in High on Life.
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What is the Krubis bounty in High on Life?

The second bounty mission you undertake in High on Life is the Krubis bounty. To complete it, you will need to find and kill Krubis. However, this will be much more difficult than it looks, as your target's base is very well hidden. Therefore, you will have to spend quite a bit of time in the jungle region.

At first, players will find themselves in the jungle with no clue where to find Krubis. However, after a little searching, you will reach the Moplets village. Then you will need to complete a series of tasks for which you will need to find several items for the warp and the coordinates of the Krubis base. That's where the boss fight starts, culminating in you needing to escape the pit.

That's all you need to know about how to escape pit in High on Life. Even though this is a very easy task, many players are unable to complete the mission due to a bug. Therefore, follow our advice to escape from the pit and progress further in the game. While you're here, make sure to check our guide on how to get Knifey in High on Life, alongside our look at Tammy and the T-Rex in this game!

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