How long is Hi-Fi Rush?

How long is Hi-Fi Rush? If you're looking for your next weekend binge game, this is likely it. It's still a tad too soon to say for certain how much time you'll be able to put into this one, but the general structure of it appears to follow some classic game design principles, allowing us to take a semi-educated guess before you dive in.

Shadow dropped on January 25, 2023, Hi-Fi Rush is a rhythm-based action game from Tango Gameworks. Looking a little like the second coming of Sunset Overdrive, which fits given the Microsoft exclusivity, it's a surprising departure from the survival horror titles the studio (and its founder) is largely known for.

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How long is Hi-Fi Rush?

We don't have concrete evidence of how long Hi-Fi Rush is just yet, but we can hazard a guess. After the surprise drop in the American afternoon, there were reports of people finishing the game on Twitter barely twelve hours later.

We haven't been able to verify when they started, exactly when they finished, whether they went for a marathon session to complete it, or if they took it easy and went for a hike somewhere in the middle.

What we can do, though, is note how long it took most to beat the first boss and use the fact of there being five more along the way, which would likely put it at around the 10-12 mark.

Assuming that's with cutscenes, it's a game you can reasonably expect to complete over a weekend. And if you're gunning for collectibles, repeating missions or starting fresh and skipping cutscenes would likely tack on another three or five hours.

All in all, Hi-Fi Rush looks to offer around 15 hours of content for completionists. Of course, this all changes depending on your skill level and numerous other variables, but it's a good guideline to consider before you give it a go.

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