Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct has Redfall and Forza fans conflicted

Redfall's vampires alongside a car from Forza Motorsport.

Redfall's vampires alongside a car from Forza Motorsport.

We all knew not to expect any fresh glimpses at Starfield during Xbox and Bethesda’s Developer Direct last night, but the showcase still had plenty of big-name titles for players to get excited about.

While those who tuned in to see some Minecraft Legends or take a peek at The Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming Necrom expansion seemingly walked away satisfied, the broadcast has left a couple of fanbases scratching their heads.

These two factions of followers are those looking forward to playing Redfall and Forza Motorsport, with members of both having taken to Reddit to discuss their frustrations.

What did you think of Xbox and Bethesda’s showcase?

First of all, a thread on the subreddit r/redfall, which closed out the show via an in-depth gameplay deep dive that you can watch below, began with a post from user Angel_Valoel, who declared: “I'm worried after watching Redfall’s Dev Direct.”

They elaborated: “The vampires look slow, easy, and straight up feel stupid. The only thing it seems like they're good at doing is taking bullets.”, a sentiment which a couple of fellow players agreed with, including user kosen13, who suggested: “You could tell they left the magazines of a lot of guns half empty and shot really slowly so that the fights wouldn’t end too quickly.”

However, a number of fans in the thread weren't as sure the deep dive featured anything that couldn’t be rectified by cranking up the difficulty, with user cousinCJ declaring: “Have you never watched a demo before? Every game is played on an incredibly easy difficulty to show off the mechanics.” and gwhiz007 adding: “They didn't have the HUD on, we don't know what level the characters were.”

Meanwhile, a thread on the subreddit r/forza saw racers hyperfixate on one detail from Forza Motorsport’s new trailer, which you can watch below, with user yustforfun posting a shot of a custom spoiler on a Mazda MX-5 and lamenting: “Unbelievable, it's still the exact same ugly wing (as previous games in the series).”

The thread also saw plenty of their fellow players share similar feelings, with user Taxidriver555 declaring: “Whoever decided to put this into the showcase when talking about the customization is utterly tone-deaf.” and -B-E-N-I-S- adding: “Forza aero is one of the most notoriously disliked things among Forza players. Did they make this game in a vacuum or are they just blatantly ignorant to their fanbase?”

Meanwhile, some users expressed disappointment that the showcase didn’t include an exact release date for the game, with dannyphoto saying: “We didn’t particularly learn anything new and that’s very annoying. Also, goodbye Q1 2023 release.”

Regardless of whether you came out of the Developer Direct feeling optimistic, make sure to follow us for updates on the games it featured, possibly including some guides to Hi-Fi Rush.

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