Gundam Evolution tier list - Barbatos, Sazabi, and all characters ranked

Image of two mech suits fighting in Gundam Evolution.

Image of two mech suits fighting in Gundam Evolution.
March 22, 2024: Gundam Heavyarms Custom (EW) has arrived in Gundam Evolution! Check out our ranking below.

Need a Gundam Evolution tier list? This intense team-based FPS based on the hit anime series is finally available to some players, and as such it's crucial to know which mobile suits are best. This character shooter places a lot of emphasis on picking your operator and learning their best traits, so you'll want to learn all about the best choices.

In this Gundam Evolution tier list table, we'll rank all of the mobile suits currently in the game. That's alongside a specific look at which ones are best and why, as well as news on how to get more characters. The game has started its rollout but isn't available on all platforms yet, so we'll explain that too.

Gundam Evolution tier list - Barbatos, Sazabi, and the best mobile suits

Gundam Evolution tier list


Gundam Exia


Unicorn Gundam
GM Sniper
Zaku II


Dom Trooper
Gundam Heavyarms Custom (EW)
Hyperion Gundam
Nu Gundam


Pale Rider
Turn A



See the table above for our full Gundam Evolution tier list. Our ranking is a cumulation of fan chatter, preliminary rankings after the playtests that took place in April and June 2022, and the post-launch meta.

With the game constantly evolving, our Gundam Evolution tier list could well change going forward. Be sure to check back often, because we'll jig the positions around as the proper post-launch meta is established.

Image of the unit shop in Gundam Evolution.
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Who is the best Gundam Evolution mobile suit?

As per our tier list, there are two Gundam Evolution heroes that tower above the rest. Those are Barbatos and Gundam Exia.

If you check any forums discussing players' time with the Gundam Evolution playtest, the chances are they'll sing the praises of Barbatos. This nimble, sword-wielding hero can slash and carve up enemies in the tight arenas within the game so far. Alongside fast movement and intensely powerful attacks, you probably won't find a better out-and-out brawler just yet.

If you don't want to follow the crowd though, Gundam Exia is another good choice. It wields dual blades for faster damage, though its attacks aren't quite as bruising as Barbatos'. The only other downside is its lower health pool, meaning you may die more often if playing as Gundam Exia.

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How do I get more Gundam Evolution mobile suits?

To get new units in Gundam Evolution, you'll need to unlock them by spending currency. That currency is EVO Coins, which you earn just by playing the game and completing quests. You can also use Capital points, which are more premium and require real-life purchases.

To get a new mobile suit in Gundam Evolution, you'll need to head to the Units menu, which is the second tab on the main menu of the game. The n you can see which mobile suits are available, and purchase any as you see fit.

When is the Gundam Evolution release date?

Gundam Evolution released on PC via Steam on September 21, 2022. Completely free to play, you can download the game and dive into some mech battles right now.

The game is also slated to release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S at some point in 2022. However, there isn't a confirmed release date for those platforms at the moment, so we'll have to wait and see. Until then, PC players can embrace the action!

That's it for our Gundam Evolution tier list! Be sure to check back often, because we'll update our rankings as soon as things change. Elsewhere, check out our list of the best free FPS games and the best free war games for even more intense battles. We've also got a look at the best free RPG games for something even more in-depth.

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