Harvestella romance guide - All romantic characters and Partnerships

The protagonist alone in their home in Harvestella

The protagonist alone in their home in Harvestella

Harvestella is proving to fit nicely into the farming sim and RPG genres. After all, it wouldn't be an RPG without a social structure and an option for some romance, would it? Here's how to romance in Harvestella and form Partnerships with characters.

After finding yourself in a mysterious world stricken by Quietus, the season of death, you take it upon yourself to fight back against this mysterious evil while discovering the secrets of Lethe Village and its surrounding areas. Plant crops, tend to animals, and build meaningful relationships with those around you in Harvestella.

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How to romance and create Partnerships in Harvestella

Whether you're able to 'date' or live with a character isn't immediately evident in Harvestella, but it is there, hidden away.

In order to form a Partnership - essentially an unlabelled marriage - with your chosen NPC, you must have completed the game and finished the main story. This frees up the characters to have time to think about their romance options, specifically with the protagonist.

Each romantically available NPC has their own character story. To enter a Partnership and have them move in with you, their Intimacy level must be maxed out. You can achieve this by increasing your level with them through their respective stories. Once you've done this, and their Intimacy level is the highest it can go, you will get the option to enter a Partnership with your chosen love.

The main character performing a magical spell in Harvestella.
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Which characters can you romance in Harvestella?

Currently, there are six eligible candidates for Partnerships in Harvestella, when the story is concluded and the Quietus is shooed away. There may be more in future if any DLC comes to the game, but for now, here's who we can choose.


We meet Aria early in the game after rescuing her, and she briefly lives with us in our new surroundings. The redhead is available as a match later in the game.


Descendant of the Wind Readers and member of the Argus Brigade, Asyl can be found in Nemea, the springtime town.

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Resident of summery Shatolla, Emo is a songstress by trade. She's an ethereal being and can be hard to get on with, but means well.


Another Shatolla dweller is inventor Heine. He's handsome and he knows it and comes across as quite a flirt.


Residing at Nemea's Orphanage is Istina. She joins the protagonist, but has her own quest to continue.


Missionary Shrika worships the Seaslight as a member of the Seaslight Order, though is on the search for a new quest.

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