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Images of the main character in three farming games

Images of the main character in three farming games

The day is finally here for fans of farming simulators and JRPGs, as Harvestella has arrived! It promises to blend the experiences these two genres offer into one polished package for PC and Nintendo Switch. Only time will tell though as to how it will fare against some of the best games like Harvestella that have come out before this new fantastical experience.

Set in a mythical world that only Square Enix can deliver on, players can create their own characters who must grow and harvest their crops to sustain their life. However, they can also embark on magical adventures and fight against intimidating, towering monsters who roam the lands and dungeons outside of town. This combination of elements might potentially make it one of the best farming games on the Nintendo Switch.

After beating Harvestella, newfound fans may want to check out similar games like Stardew Valley, or our Genshin Impact tier list. We've also got a list of the best Android farming games, if you just can't get enough of tending to crops!

Games like Harvestella

From other farming and agricultural games to ever-expanding entries of RPGs, fans of Harvestella might want to explore and unearth these new fantastical lands:

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

The player character tending to livestock in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town
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Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch

Released last year for the Nintendo Switch, Steam, and PlayStation 4, Pioneers of Olive Town is the latest instalment in the beloved and chibi-like Story of Seasons franchise. It may not be a massive step up for the series, but it was still a charming game that received positive reviews at the time.

After selecting and customising the playable character, you'll start your new life away from the city and move to Olive Town, a peaceful community filled with a pleasant and colourful cast of characters. However, the player's main objective is to restore an old farm that once belonged to an elderly relative.

Unlike Harvestella, this is definitely not a combat-focused game, but it is a great farming simulator that many will undoubtedly enjoy. Its focus on the story may not be heavy-handed, but the relationships and chemistry that players can build will be enjoyed by those who played Square Enix's newest game.

Stardew Valley

A farmer tending to crops in Stardew Valley
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Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android

Arguably one of the biggest and most successful independent games of all time, Stardew Valley was developed by Eric Barone, and slowly evolved with updates and new features since its release. Now available on a plethora of consoles, PC, and mobile devices, no one has a reason to avoid this 16-bit gem.

Given limited options to start out a new life as a farmer, players can grow all kinds of crops and expand their home into a ranch filled with livestock and a family to tend to. Furthermore, there are plenty of new areas to discover treasure, monsters, and residents of Pelican Town, some of whom can lead to potential romances.

Its setup and premise may be simple, but it has everything for any type of gamer out there to enjoy, and an expansive farming world unlike anything seen before. Between the love interests, monsters crawling through dungeons, and a high-quality agricultural experience, Stardew Valley should not be missed.

Genshin Impact

A battle in a dimly-lit evening in Genshin Impact.
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Platforms: iOS, Android, PS4, PS5, PC

This cel-shaded open world adventure game has grown into one of the most populr free-to-play games of all time. Available for PlayStation consoles as well as PC and smartphones, many can explore the large anime-inspired world and the range of features that have been sprinkled in since its debut in 2020.

Opening up the game and landscapes that make up Genshin Impact, the story follows a sibling, known as the Traveler, who searches for their twin after being separated from them by a powerful entity after being freed from their slumber for five hundred years. Facing off against beastly foes who roam the lands and recruit new playable warriors to join their party, the Traveler must reunite with their sibling and save them from dangerous forces.

Since its launch, the game has grown with new quests and characters that will give those who enjoyed the combat and story more of the same experience. One of the expansions for Genshin Impact even opened up a new gardening mechanic where players can enjoy some downtime and grow seeds to harvest new plants, which many will surely appreciate for its attempt at variety.

Garden Story

A grape stood alongside other fruit at a port in Garden Story.
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Platforms: PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch

It may seem like a cute and child-friendly game, but Garden Story will surprise people with what is hiding underneath it once they peel down its layers. After enjoying its time in the sun on the Nintendo Switch as a console exclusive alongside PC and Mac versions, it spread its roots on Xbox One earlier this year.

Throughout the RPG, Concord the Grape must face off against the monsters threatening his beloved town, saving it and the people who reside there. Fighting and crafting his way to stop the spread of evil, this lone fruit will defiantly face off against some truly nasty creatures to the end.

The mixture of combat, crafting, and gardening may not seem like something Garden Story will offer with its cute and innocent aesthetic, but Picogram is able to do just that in this enjoyable game. Harvestella may be more detailed in its story, combat, and farming mechanics in comparison, but this acts as a lovely palette cleanser while offering the same entertaining experience that fans of Square Enix's new game have seen.

That's it for our picks of games like Harvestella! For tips in other hit games, check out our choices of the best Warzone guns, as well as the best Warzone ARs more specifically.

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