Harvestella jobs guide - All jobs and how to unlock them

A combat scene in Harvestella

A combat scene in Harvestella

Farming isn't the only thing we have to get to grips with in Harvestella. There's a load of combat skills to master, and enemies to vanquish - on top of some regular employment. Here is how to unlock all the Harvestella jobs, and what they do.

There are plenty of different ways to fight in Harvestella, and it's worth equipping the jobs that you feel most comfortable with, or ones attuned to a specific fight. These jobs are learned by the protagonist simply by watching others, and then they can replicate the skill. Don't forget to spend your accumulated Job Points to upgrade and unlock more skills in the Job menu!

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A fully-grown farm of crops in Harvestella
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What jobs are there in Harvestella?

Each of these Harvestella professions is available to you as the protagonist, and are easily interchangeable via the menu. Your first job is as a fighter, but new careers will open themselves to you quickly.

However, these aren't jobs in the normal sense. Rather than actual side mission employment, they are essentially combat classes. Each one has a different weapon and skill to utilise in battle.


The fighter is a classic sword user that has physical attacks. You can unlock a fire attack, which deals plenty of damage to multiple enemies at one time if needs be. This class is unlocked as you start the game.


A couple of hours into the story, you'll unlock the Mage job by talking to a Unicorn. This class excels at ranged combat, and uses magic to attack. Multiple elements come into play here, and can be used against many different kinds of enemies' weaknesses.

Shadow Walker

A step up from Fighter is the Shadow Walker. This will have you wielding two blades that are a little smaller than swords. The Shadow Walker job is unlocked when Istina joins as a party member, early in Chapter 3.


Mechanic, as a class, focuses on heavy physical damage. Charged attacks come with this job too, allowing you to easily weaken enemies. Heine, the inventor, is the one to unlock the Mechanic job for you.


Named after a water nymph, the Woglinde job is like a Mage that uses song to channel magic. It is mainly a support role, but you can also perform charged attacks with the job equipped. Emo, the songstress, joins your party in Chapter 3, and unlocks the Woglinde option.


The Avenger job excels in ranged physical damage. Not only does it have normal attacks, but you can use ice and fire, too, after unlocking them in the skill tree. Like previous jobs, this is unlocked when Brakka becomes a party member. This is also in Chapter 3.


The Pilgrim is your AoE damage option, using physical and magic attacks, using a sword. Continuous damage is an upgrade to this skill. Shrika, another character we recruit in Chapter 3, unlocks the Pilgrim role.

Sky Lancer

Want to use a different weapon? The Sky Lancer job might be for you. Here, you will use a spear to perform physical attacks. This is unlocked when Asyl joins as a party member, also in Chapter 3.


The Lunamancer job is unlocked by Dianthus, but not immediately. We get her in our party quickly, but the job won't be available to begin with. This job focuses on AoE magic damage, that specifically weakens enemies.

Assault Savant

The powers of both science and martial arts come together to create the Assault Savant job, and it is what we get when Aria joins our party. With this equipped, you'll deal plenty of physical damage, but will be able to move quickly.

Heine the Inventor with his submarine in Harvestella
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How to change jobs in Harvestella

Changing jobs in Harvestella is really easy. Open up the in-game menu, and head to the Party tab. Here, click your protagonist. There is a section where jobs and equipment show up. This is where you can change which jobs are available on the D-Pad while you're in the overworld.

That's it for our look at jobs in Harvestella! For even more on the game, get the most out of your peaceful rural life in Lethe Village with the fishing rod, and maximise your money-making so you can expand your home. Of course, there are also plenty of Harvestella romance options to explore!

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