Genshin Impact Lyney's trial answers

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Genshin Impact Furina accusing lyney in lyney's trial

Looking for the Genshin Impact Lyney's trial answers? Fontaine is the nation of justice, where everything is decided by the supreme court. The court is overseen by Chief Justice Neuvillette and Furina the Hydro Archon. However, a turn of events leads to our friend Lyney being put on trial. Lyney's trial involves a lot of reasoning from your side to defend him and prove his innocence.

Lyney's trial has a total of three phases that you need to complete in the appropriate order. Furthermore, you'll be collecting evidence and making deductions throughout the trial using the new Logic Chain mechanic. So let's cover all the answers for Lyney's trial.

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Lyney's trial answers in Genshin Impact

Before starting the trial, make sure to collect the three clues needed.

  • Go to the main entrance and talk to Tristine.
  • Talk to Esildor, located on the right side facing the stage.
  • Talk to Quentin on the left side of the Opera stage.

Once the trial starts, Furina will send five accusations your way. Refute every accusation with the appropriate answer.

Accusation Refutation
Lyney attacked HalseyLyney's statement
Lyney kidnapped HalseyThe voice in the Oratrice Core Chamber
Lyney Knocked Cowell OutThe Young Lady's clothes
Onstage AccidentNo Loophole
Lyney Entered The TunnelNo Loophole

Lyney's Trial Logic Chain

After the first set of refutations, you need to create some logic chains to reach the truth of the matter.

What is the evidence that Lyney wasn't In the tunnel when the crime took place?

  • Answer: Strange Sound heard during the Magic Show

Who was the only person who could possibly have committed the crime?

  • Answer: The Deceased's Identity

How can we envisage Lyney as having been unable to interfere with the crime?

  • Answer: Lyney's Statement

How can I prove that there was an altercation in the tunnel?

  • Answer: Strange Sound During The Magic Show

Who is the prime suspect currently?

  • Answer: The Deceased's Identity

Where did the missing Halsey go?

  • Answer: Try all options and then Broken Flower Vase

After this, we move on to the third and final set of Logic Chains.

Who is the prime suspect Currently?

  • Answer: The Deceased's Identity

What item did the culprit use to control the timing of the dissolution?

  • Answer: Dropped Hook Rope

What item did the culprit use to dissolve Halsey?

  • Answer: Water From The Primordial Sea

What item did the culprit use to hide the mechanism behind the crime?

  • Answer: Audience-Side Magic Box Structure

Lyney's Trial second set of refutations

Similar to the first set of refutations, just give these answers during the second phase.

Accusation Refutation
Lyney Entered The TunnelNo Loophole
Halsey DissolvedStrange sound during The Magic Show
Infighting Between Lyney & CowellBroken flower vase
Lyney Knocked Cowell OutThe Young Lady's clothes
Onstage AccidentNo Loophole

This will conclude Lyney's trial, and Furina will admit her defeat. Congratulations, you have successfully completed Lyney's trial and finished the Fontaine Archon Quest Chapter 4 Act 1. For more guides check out our best builds for Charlotte and Wriothesley.

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