Genshin Impact Lyney materials farming locations - Ascension, level up, and talents

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Lyney in Genshin Impact.
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Get a head start with these Genshin Impact Lyney materials farming routes. It practically pays to collect essential items long before you pull for an upcoming character. Lyney will likely be a major part of the Fontaine story, so we're expecting a must-have unit ahead of his official reveal.

If you plan on wishing for Lyney, bringing him up to level 90, and boosting his talents quickly, you'll need to gather a variety of materials ahead of time. Preparing for Lyney's arrival will require some specific materials that are unique to the Fontaine region.


We can't be completely sure about Lyney's ascension materials as of yet, but we'll try to use educated guesses and previous release patterns to work them out. For example, Lyney's ascension and talent level-up material will likely be similar to Ayaka and Cyno.

What materials do I need to level up Lyney?

To maximize Lyney's stats, you'll need to gather a variety of materials. Here are some of the key items we suspect you'll need:

Character EXP materials


Hero's Wit and Adventurer's Handbooks will be essential for leveling up Lyney quickly. These can be obtained by completing daily quests, defeating bosses, farming Ley Line Blossoms, or purchasing from Paimon's Bargain Shop.

To get Lyney to level 90, you'll need a total of 8,362,650 EXP. That's roughly 171 Hero's Wit. Get farming.


You'll also need to spend Mora to level up Lyney's talents, upgrade his weapons and artifacts, and purchase other necessary materials. You'll want 1,673,400 Mora to get Lyney to level 90.


Mora can be obtained by completing quests, defeating enemies, farming Ley Line Blossoms, or selling unwanted items and weapons.

You can save a lot of these materials by aiming for level 80 first. Most of the cost comes from the 81-90 mark and only offer diminishing returns. If you're short on resources, stick to level 80.

Ascension materials

Beyond Mora and EXP books, you'll need to gather ascension materials to increase Lyney's maximum level cap. In addition to these general materials, Lyney may require some character-specific materials we won't know much about prior to the Fontaine patch release.

As with most regional characters, Lyney will probably require a Fontaine-specific item similar to the Kalpalata Lotus from Sumeru, or the Amakumo Fruit from Inazuma.

The enemy drop item will also most probably be specific to enemies that we will only meet for the first time in Fontaine, similar to the Samurai in Inazuma or Mushrooms in Sumeru.

The ascension materials for Lyney may include elemental crystals, fragments, gemstones, and other specific materials that can only be obtained in certain locations or by completing certain quests throughout Fontaine. Check back once we know more.


What are Lyney’s talent materials?

To boost Lyney's talents, you'll likely need to gather materials specific to his element and talents. This tracks with other character releases.

We can be fairly certain that a new Talent book set will be introduced in Fontaine that can only be farmed from specific regional domains, quests, or chests. His level-up item will most probably be the same as the local enemy drop item.

For the final 5-star boss drop item, we can also assume that a new boss will be introduced in the Fontaine region that can be farmed for all Talent upgrades past level six


Lyney talent material farming locations

​​Lyney's material farming locations are not confirmed yet, as Fontaine has not been officially released in Genshin Impact.

However, it's safe to assume that the materials will be scattered throughout Fontaine and may include the standard materials required for character development such as elemental crystals, fragments, and gemstones, as well as some specific materials to Lyney. These materials will likely be obtained by defeating bosses, completing quests, and exploring the world.

As more information is released on Fontaine, we will better understand where to find these materials and how to farm them efficiently. If you want to learn more about Lyney, check out our Lyney best builds guide or learn more about Fontaine by clicking that link.