Genshin Impact Neuvillette materials farming guide

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Genshin Impact Neuvillete ascension materials and farming guide

The Chief Justice of Fontaine has finally been confirmed for release in Genshin Impact version 4.1. Genshin Impact 4.0 and its story events have shown Neuvillete to be an extremely powerful figure capable of slamming down the Fatui Harbinger Childe. Those lucky enough to get him will need a full list of Neuvillette materials needed for ascension. Luckily we have this Neuvillette material farming guide to help you out with that.

The region of Fontaine is expansive and has dozens of new enemy varieties. It can be tricky to figure out where to go to locate the materials you're looking for.

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Neuvillette Ascension materials

Currently, Hoyoverse has not officially released the list of materials required for Neuvillette. They've only made an official announcement regarding his release. However, we have a list of the supposed required materials, thanks to some credible leakers in the community.

Here are the materials required for ascending Neuvillete.

More and EXP

  • 419 Hero's Wit
  • 7.1 million Mora

Varunda Crystals

  • One Varunada Lazurite Sliver
  • Nine Varunada Lazurite Fragments
  • Nine Varunada Lazurite Chunks
  • Six Varunada Lazurite Gemstones

You can farm Varunda Crystals by defeating Hydro bosses such as the Oceanid and the Hydro Hypotasis or any upcoming new Hydro bosses released in Fontaine. You can also use alchemy to convert your other elemental crystals into Hydro crystals.

Transoceanic Materials

  • 36 Transoceanic Pearls
  • 96 Transoceanic Chunks
  • 129 Xenochromatic Crystals

These are some of the easiest materials to farm in Fontaine and can be collected from a variety of enemies. These enemies can be found near lakes, rivers, and underwater. They include enemies such as:

  • Blubberbeast
  • Hunter's Ray
  • Armoured crabs
  • Hat Jellyfish
  • Bubbly seahorses
  • Octopi
  • Sea Hares

Unknown Specialty

As usual, Neuvillette will require 168 speciality items in total for all his ascensions. However, according to the leaks, this material is not currently available in Fontaine. We'll have to wait for Genshin Impact 4.1 for this material and the area where it can be found.

Unknown boss material

Similar to the speciality items, the boss material required for Neuvillete is currently also unknown and has not been released in Genshin Impact 4.0. We will have to wait for Genshin Impact 4.1 for the release of this new boss.


Teachings of Equity

  • Nine Teachings of Equity
  • 63 Guides to Equity
  • 114 Philosophies of Equity

You can easily farm these from the domain "Pale Forgotten Glory." Make sure to use Ley Line overflow events to your advantage.

Talent Level up boss material

  • 18 Everambers

The Guardian of Apep's Oasis/Dendro Dragon boss from Sumeru's desert region drops the above materials. Note that you only need six to max out a single talent.

That concludes our Neuvillette material farming guide, and we'll update it with the missing information as soon as Genshin Impact 4.1 releases. In the meantime, check out our Lyney material guide and Lynette build guides too.

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