Genshin Impact Layla materials - Ascension, Talents, and farming locations

Layla conjuring an orb in her Genshin Impact combat trailer
November 17, 2022: Layla will be available tomorrow!

We've got weeks until her release as a 4-Star Genshin Impact character, so let's get those Layla materials stocked up ahead of her joining the roster as the latest Sumeru star.

Layla will be a brand new character in Version 3.2's second half, due to be available on Tartaglia and Yae Miko's rerun banners. She hasn't appeared in the Archon quests yet, so we may see her in Nahida's story missions. She seems to be a great support character, with a shield and Cryo application both on-and-off the field.

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What materials do I need to level up Layla in Genshin Impact?

Layla is a Cryo sword user, so will require the relevant gems, along with some new Sumeru-specific items.

Ascension Level
1 Shivada Jade liver, 3 Nilotpala Lotus, 3 Sealed Scroll
3 Shivada Jade fragments, 10 Nilotpala Lotus, 15 Sealed Scrolls, 2 unnamed boss drops
6 Shivada Jade fragments, 20 Nilotpala Lotus, 12 Divining Scrolls, 4 unnamed boss drops
3 Shivada Jade chunks, 30 Nilotpala Lotus, 18 Divining Scrolls, 8 unnamed boss drops
6 Shivada Jade chunks, 45 Nilotpala Lotus, 12 Forbidden Curse Scrolls, 12 unnamed boss drops
6 Shivada Jade gemstones, 60 Nilotpala Lotus, 20 Forbidden Curse Scrolls, 20 unnamed boss drops

Ascension materials

In terms of totals, this is how many of each item we're looking at:

  • Shivada Jade Sliver - 1
  • Shivada Jade Fragment - 9
  • Shivada Jade Chunk - 9
  • Shivada Jade Gemstone - 6
  • Perpetual Caliber - 46
  • Nilotpala Lotus - 186
  • Divining Scroll - 18
  • Sealed Scroll - 30
  • Forbidden Curse Scroll - 36
  • 2,092,400 Mora
Layla in Genshin Impact's teaser trailer
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What are Layla's Talent materials?

Layla's talents rely mostly on Samachurl scrolls, but later levels will need the new drops from The Balladeer boss fight coming in Version 3.2. These are currently unnamed, as the update isn't available yet.

Layla's talents can be raised from level one to level ten. To do that, you'll need some more Sumeru items:

Talent material
Amount needed
Teachings of, Guide to, Philosophies of Admonition
9, 63, 114
Mudra of the Malefic General
Sealed, Divining, Forbidden Curse Scrolls
18, 66, 93

Material farming locations

  • Shivada Jade
    • The Cryo ascension gems can be gained as drops from the Cryo Hypostasis, Dominator of Wolves, and Cryo Regisvines.
  • Nilotpala Lotus
    • Sumeru is known for a few types of Lotus, one of which is the Nilotpala. These grow in the water, and plenty can be found around Ghandarva Ville. They're easier to spot at night, as that is when they bloom.
  • Perpetual Caliber
    • The Perpetual Caliber is a drop from the new Aeonblight Drake boss, located near the Devantaka Mountain in Sumeru's jungle.
  • Divining, Sealed and Forbidden Curse Scrolls
    • These scrolls are common drops from Samachurls, which are found all over Teyvat. You can purchase some from the Paimon shop, and craft them into the later two versions.
  • Teachings, Guides, Philosophies of Ingenuity
    • These are a new item to Sumeru, and as such, can be found at the Steeple of Ignorance on certain days.
  • Crowns of Insight
    • Used to upgrade Combat Talents from level 9 to level 10, you can get these from upgrading the Frostbearing Tree, Sacred Sakura, and Lumenstone Adjuvant, but they are often included in event rewards, too.

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