Genshin Impact Kaveh - Release date speculation, Vision, build, and more

A look at Kaveh from the Genshin Impact 3.2 beta.

A look at Kaveh from the Genshin Impact 3.2 beta.

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The leaks keep coming thick and fast for Genshin Impacts's impending releases, so let's take a look at exactly who the Genshin Impact Kaveh character is.

After being mentioned by Alhaitham in Genshin Impact's story already, Kaveh's appearance has finally been leaked from the next update's beta. He is an interesting character, with links to other familiar faces like Dori, so we're sure he will make a big impact on his release.

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When will Kaveh release in Genshin Impact?

Kaveh's potential release date has been kept under wraps for now. He's tabbed as a 4-Star character, so may release on Alhaitham's banner as a supporting character, though this is not confirmed.

As soon as we know more about the Kaveh release date in Genshin Impact, we'll let you know by updating this guide!

A look at Kaveh from the Genshin Impact 3.2 beta.
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What do we know about Kaveh's build in Genshin Impact?

Information about Kaveh's kit and build is scarce. Leaks have not brought up anything to do with Constellations, skills, or his combat type yet. This likely means he will appear in a story or quest before he releases as a playable character.

What is Kaveh's elemental Vision?

Kaveh's elemental vision is confirmed to be Dendro, the same as his friend Alhaitham, and a lot of the Sumeru characters - we see it hanging off his belt

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What is Kaveh's weapon?

Allegedly, Kaveh will use a Claymore weapon, making him the first Dendro claymore user. This fits with the fact that Alhaitham has a sword, and YaoYao is potentially a polearm user. As such, Kaveh would likely be best off using the Sumeru region's very own craftable claymore, Forest Regalia.

Who is Kaveh in Genshin Impact?

Kaveh is a tall male model in the game, with fairly short hair. Players have already likened his appearance to Howl of Studio Ghibli, due to his white shirt, blonde hair, and over-the-shoulder cape.

Though he hasn't been seen in the game so far, we do know some tidbits about Kaveh and who he is. He lives with Alhaitham, after somehow losing the fortune he made as the architect behind Dori's Palace of Alcazarzaray. This loss of Mora mystifies those around him.

He is a genius inventor and engineer, who taught for a brief time at the Akademiya after graduating with honours from one of the six Darshans. He often clashes with his friend Alhaitham due to how they see the world through different eyes.

Kaveh's name, or personality, may be based on Kaveh the Blacksmith of Iranian mythology, though this is not confirmed yet.

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