How to beat Iron Viscount in Genshin Impact

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A magical spell being cast in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact patch 4.0 is live, and players are scouring the corners of Fontaine to look for chests, secrets, and lore. If you're hunting down the Local Legends of Fontaine and want to know how to beat Iron Viscount in Genshin Impact, you have come to the right place. The boss has some really interesting mechanics that can be tricky to figure out when you first face it.

Iron Viscount is a hidden boss, and it is not visible on the map, so you need to thoroughly explore the Scorching Caves of Elynas to find it. Once you run into the boss, you will notice that there are tons of Armored Crabs in the boss arena that interact with the boss and make life much more difficult.

Before we go over the Iron Viscount’s boss mechanics and how you can beat it, take a look at our Freminet build guide and Lynette build guide in case you are planning to try out the new Fontaine 4-stars. For some boosts, grab the latest Genshin Impact codes, and don't forget to check out our tier list.

How to find the Iron Viscount in Genshin Impact

The Iron Viscount is located in the Elynas area of Fontaine. The entrance of the boss’ cave is locked, so you need to complete a Hydrogana puzzle right below the Statue of the Seven in the area to unlock it. Once you collect the Hydrogana, you can enter a portal that takes you underwater.

The player character swimming underwater in Genshin Impact.
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Once you are underwater, you need to douse all the Pyro bonfires with the Hydrogana you brought from outside. Doing so will reveal the boss, so make sure you have your team set up before you complete the puzzle.

Ranged attackers are very potent against the boss, so you might want to bring a character that can deal with the boss without getting too close.

How to beat the Iron Viscount in Genshin Impact

There are two mechanics that you need to be aware of when facing the Iron Viscount.

Absorb the Armored Crab’s Shields

You cannot use normal diving attacks against this boss. There are Xenochromatic Armored Crabs nearby whose abilities you can borrow. Just hold down your basic attack, and you will be able to obtain their shield ability. You can deploy the shield by using your Elemental Skill button.

Parry the boss’ attacks


It is possible to parry the Viscount’s attacks, which will be your primary source of damage. Every time the boss tries to throw out a spinning or throwing attack, you can use the shield ability that you get from the Armored Crabs to deflect damage back at the boss. The parry window is generous, so you shouldn't have any trouble damaging the boss.

Getting the parry timing right will allow you to dispose of this boss in no time. Make sure you keep getting more shields so you can continue to damage the boss using your parry.

We hope you are able to beat the Iron Viscount with ease after following our guide! For more Genshin Impact content, consider checking out our Icewind Suite guide, which helps you take on yet another boss. We also have a Clorinde build guide in case you want to start preparing for her release.

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