Genshin Impact Icewind Suite location and how to beat it

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Genshin Impact Icewind Suite boss fight how to beat

The Icewind Suite in Genshin Impact is shaping up to be one of the most unique bosses in the game. With the release of Genshin Impact 4.0 and the new Fontaine region, we're excited to see all the various new enemy types. Fontaine is an advanced civilisation and they have created Mekas to perform tasks around the nation. One of these Mekkas, the Icewind Suite, has become a test of skill for anyone willing to challenge it.

The Icewind Suite is a duo boss fight against a pair of Mekas. The Mekas are exclusive to Fontaine and the Icewind Suite is the peak of Fontaine combat engineering. We will probably be fighting this boss to farm materials for brand-new characters released in Fontaine. So let's find out about how to beat the Icewind Suite and where to find them.

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What is the Icewind Suite in Genshin Impact?

As mentioned earlier, the Icewind Suite is a Mekka. To be specific, this boss fight is comprised of a pair of Mekkas, namely Dirge of Coppelia and Nemesis of Coppelius. Initially, the pair was designed for performance arts and to see if Mekas can replicate human behaviours.

Genshin Impact Icewind Suite boss fight Dirge and Nemesis
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However, a mechanic by the name of Maillardet later modified them and turned them into combat units instead. Now they are used to collect combat data by the research institute of Fontaine. We can still see traces of their original roles in the way they fight like a ballet duo, and this makes the boss fight extremely unique.

How to beat the Icewind Suite

Coppelia is the female performer and she makes use of Anemo abilities. She spawns Anemo damage zones around the arena that you need to be mindful of while moving.

Genshin Impact Icewind Suite coppelia anemo attack
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Coppelius on the other hand makes use of Cryo abilities to cast attacks. He has attacks that target you directly and you'll have to keep an eye out for his animations.

Genshin Impact Icewind Suite Copelius Cryo attack
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Speaking of animations, both their animations and movements resemble a ballet. Their animations will also synch up and they will perform combination attacks. These will be extremely dangerous and can trigger Swirl reactions that you need to watch out for.

Another dangerous part of their arsenal might be the new Pneuma and Ousia energies found in Fontaine. It's likely that these two will both have different alignments. While this means you can exploit their respective weaknesses, it also means they could potentially trigger the debilitating Annihilation reaction on you.

Icewind Suite location

While the exact location of the Icewind Suite boss fight is not available, we can assume that it will be located very close to the city of Fontaine. This is because we can see Fontaine architecture and a set of stairs leading to this arena. We'll update the exact location of the Icewind Suite boss when Genshin Impact 4.0 releases.

You can always open up your adventurer exploration book and scroll down to the world boss section to find the location of the Icewind Suite.


Icewind Suite rewards

Speculation suggests that, unlike other world bosses, the Icewind Suite might drop two different boss drops. These would then be used for various characters depending on the material they require. For now, this is just speculation but we'll provide a complete list of rewards once the fight is released.

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