Genshin Impact Fountain Flows Again quest guide

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The Fountain Flows Again in Genshin Impact

In the world of Teyvat, even the simplest of tasks can lead to unexpected adventures. One such adventure is the the Fountain Flows Again quest in Genshin Impact. This quest takes players on a journey to repair a broken fountain on the island of Erinnyes. Led by the inquisitive young magician Remaudiere and his companions Edel and Estelle, this quest offers a delightful blend of problem-solving, teamwork, and a touch of magic.

The Fountain Flows again is a hidden quest that’s not very hidden. Most players will run into this quest as they explore Fontaine. However, you need to interact with a bunch of NPCs to successfully complete it. So here’s a walkthrough for how to complete the Fountain Flows Again quest.

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Genshin Impact The Fountain Flows Again walkthrough

Here are the steps you need to follow to complete the Fountain Flows Again quest and claim the rewards.

Talk to Remaudiere

The quest begins with a conversation with Remaudiere, who is troubled by the malfunctioning fountain in Erinnyes.

He shares how the fountain broke and his desperate attempts to keep his younger sister entertained.

Talk to Edel

The quest then guides you to speak with Edel, the fountain's manager. Edel explains the mechanical issues causing the fountain's dysfunction and his plans to repair it. However, he faces challenges in obtaining the necessary replacement parts.

Genshin Impact Fountain Flows Again quest Edel
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Talk to Estelle

The next step involves interacting with Estelle, a skilled craftswoman. Estelle's work on the required valve has been delayed due to a previous client's urgent needs. She needs Iron Chunks to complete the task.

Genshin Impact Fountain Flows Again quest Estelle
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Give the Iron Chunk to Estelle

To help Estelle craft the valve, you need to provide her with three Iron Chunks. These chunks are essential for creating the missing part.

Talk to Estelle

After providing the Iron Chunks, Estelle assures you that she will craft the required valve and nozzle. She expresses gratitude for your help.

Go to Erinnyes

The final objective is to return to Erinnyes, where Edel and Estelle are waiting to repair the fountain. Together, you open the gates and watch as the fountain comes back to life.


What are the rewards for completing The Fountain Flows Again in Genshin Impact?

Upon successfully repairing the fountain, Remaudiere expresses his relief and appreciation for your assistance. He's particularly relieved that his sister won't find out about his involvement in the fountain's malfunction. The quest ends on a heartwarming note, hinting at Remaudiere's determination to master new magic tricks before revealing them to his family. As a reward, you will receive 150 Adventure EXP, 20,000 Mora, and three Hero's Wit.

Genshin Impact Fountain Flows Again quest rewards
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"The Fountain Flows Again" quest in Genshin Impact is a delightful example of how seemingly trivial tasks can lead to engaging adventures. There are loads of similar quests to explore in Fontaine.

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