Genshin Impact Boiling Lake puzzle guide

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Genshin Impact boiling lake puzzle yelan

If you've come across the boiling lake in the Beryl Region of Fontaine, you must have noticed the chest sitting in the middle. However, trying to approach it will hurt you as the boiling water will damage your character. So here's a guide on how to reach the middle and solve the Genshin Impact boiling lake puzzle in Fontaine.

This is definitely a puzzle that you don't want to miss, as not only does it provide you with a chest, but it also lets you unlock a brand-new area. Just one of the many various secrets that Fontaine has hidden in plain sight. So without further ado, let's solve the boiling lake puzzle.

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Where is the boiling lake puzzle?

The boiling lake puzzle is located in the Beryl Region of Fontaine.

Genshin Impact boiling lake puzzle location
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Just head to the location shown above, and you'll see a boiling lake with bubbles and steam and a Precious Chest located in the middle.

How to solve the boiling lake puzzle in Genshin Impact

There are a couple of steps that you need to take to successfully complete the boiling lake puzzle and open the Precious chest in the middle. However, it doesn't end there, so keep on reading till the end for a bonus reward.

  • You need to get all three Hydro pillars around the lake to the middle to open the chest.
  • A Hydro pillar is hidden behind some thorny wood. Use a Pyro character to burn it away and interact with it to send it to the middle.
  • Kill the Pyro crab enemies on the other side of the lake to unlock the next Hydro Pillar and send it to the middle.
  • Pick up the Ousia block from the tree and hit the Golden device next to it to reveal a Hydro pillar. Interact with the pillar to send it to the middle.

Now that you've sent all three Hydro pillars, you need to make your way to the middle of the boiling lake. Stand on top of the rock in the middle and pick up the Hydro core. After this, drop down on top of the chest, and a Hydro circle will form around you. This will activate the pillars and open the chest for your reward!

Once you've opened the chest, it will create a Water Cannon. Interact with this and allow it to lead you to its destination underwater. It will break apart a rock formation and grant you access to the Scorching Cave Lower Levels.


That's all you need to know about how to solve the boiling lake puzzle and unlock the scorching cave lower levels. Also, check our guides on the Rainbow Rose locations and Neuvillette farming guide.

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