Genshin Impact - How to unlock the Apam Woods Domain

Sacred tree in Sumeru

Sacred tree in Sumeru

Sumeru is here, and we've been picking our way through the jungles, into the new civilisations. There's a scattering of new Domains for Artifacts and materials, though some are rather hard to find. Here is how to unlock the Apam Woods Domain, Coordinates of Sun and Rain.

This particular Domain in Genshin Impact will give you new Artifacts, Primogems, and other materials to help strengthen your characters. The Domain is a replayable dungeon, where you can farm for materials. They're peppered all over Teyvat, and come with each new region that is added to the game.

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How do I unlock Apam Woods Domain in Genshin Impact?

Unlocking the Coordinates of Sun and Rain Domain is potentially a long process. It all depends on how much of Sumeru you've explored and how many quests you've completed. To begin, you need to be at least Adventure Rank 32, or you won't be able to get the quest at all.

The Coordinates of Sun and Rain Domain are located in a cave in Apam, Woods but are hidden until a few prerequisite quests are completed.

Coordinates of Sun and Rain domain
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Prerequisite quests for the Apam Woods Domain

Be warned, there's quite a chain of quests that you'll need to complete before you can access the Domain. First, you need to complete the Aranyaka Part I - Woodland Encounter, which takes the Traveler to Vimara Village to help out its citizens.

Once you've done this, you'll then be on to Aranyaka Part II - Dream Nursery. The first part of this is The World of Aranara, which you need to fully complete. Then, a new quest titled Varuna Gatha will become available, along with The Rhythm That Nurtures the Sprout, which follows on from The World of Aranara.

To put it simply, complete these world quests:

  • Aranyaka Part II - The World of Aranara
  • Aranyaka Part II - The Rhythm That Nurtures The Sprout
  • Varuna Gatha
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The new Domain's location will only be available after completing all three.

Unlocking the Domain

That's not all, folks - there's still a way left to go. Once the required quests are finished, head back to the sacred tree in Apam Woods. You can now jump down into the centre of it and activate the Dendro elemental pillar in there.

A trail will appear, leading you to the next destination: the Sprouting Branch. Here, you'll need to crack out your musical instrument and play the song on screen to restore the Dendrograna.

Next, summon the Dendrogranum and return to the Domain's entrance. Hit the Dendro sigil-type object, and this will unlock the door. Now you can head in and complete the challenges.

Collei in Sumeru
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Genshin Impact Apam Woods Domain rewards

Now that you've got the Domain unlocked, you can see which rewards are on offer. These include Artifacts from the new Gilded Dreams sets, and Guides to Ingenuity - another new item. As well as this, you can get classic rewards like Primogems, Hero's Wit, enhancement ore, XP, and Mora.

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