Fire Emblem Engage Sommie rewards and how to increase bond quickly

Sommie in Fire Emblem Engage

Sommie in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem is a series with a huge focus on its characters. Be it prepping characters for battle or starting a romance, there are plenty of reasons to care about everyone. If you're looking to know what the Fire Emblem Engage Sommie rewards are, this is everything you should know.

Being a tiny little pet you can find in the hub, you may be a little lost as to what you are supposed to do. We'll go over how to increase your bond with Sommie quickly and what you get for doing so.

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All Fire Emblem Engage Sommie rewards

There isn't really a traditional reward you receive for meeting the max relationship rank with Sommie, but you get plenty of little benefits along the way.

Every time you pet or feed Sommie between battles, you'll get Bond Fragments you can use to help characters boost their Bond level with your Emblems. Even before you max out your Sommie Bond level, you'll notice it start to follow you around the Somniel, too, to the point where you'll be asked if you want it to help you during the fishing and flying mini-games.

Fishing with the help of Sommie after increasing your bond in Fire Emblem Engage.
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For the fishing mini-game, Sommie will make catching fish easier by shortening the fish's fatigue meter as soon as one bites. Not only will it speed up fishing, but it'll make reeling in the bigger ones much quicker and easier.

As for the flying game, Sommie will help shoot down targets, making it much easier for you get a perfect score as the difficulty increases, increasing the rewards you get at the end.

When working out near the stables, Sommie can join in to make hitting the prompts a little easier. It'll flop on the ground in exhaustion at the end, too.

In all, maxing out your bond with Sommie in Fire Emblem Engage is not at all necessary, but it has its benefits. They're just not game-changing.

How to max your Fire Emblem Engage Sommie bond level fast

Sommie can be found on an altar in the cave on the Somniel. Just follow the path around the outer edge until you find the entrance to the little cavern, and you'll spot it on the altar facing the water.

As soon as you meet it, you'll be able to change the name of what is canninically called Sommie. But you can only do this once, so choose wisely. From that point on, you can change Sommie's outfit, customizing its headgear and its back, adding things like wings, bows, and even a short wig that matches Alear's own hair.

Sommie in Fire Emblem Engage
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If you want to increase your bond with Sommie, you can pet them and feed them any of your collected ingredients once between each battle. It shouldn't take more than seven or so battles to max out your bond level with Sommie this way.

Be careful, though. It won't stay maxed out like most other characters. Neglect to pet or feed Sommie in the battles that follow, and you'll notice your bond begin to decrease. Be sure to regularly come back and feed them to keep your relationship.

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