Fire Emblem Engage voice actors - English and Japanese VAs for Alear and more

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The Fire Emblem Engage voice actors for these two characters have yet to be announced.
September 16, 2022: We added the Japanese voice actor for Vander.

As is the case with any character-driven RPG, knowing who the Fire Emblem Engage voice actors are is set to be a hot topic. Until the credits roll on the game come next year, we likely won't know the lot. But we can certainly listen in and speculate who might be voicing who from the trailers and tweets that drop.

Down below, we're going to prepare a long list of Fire Emblem Engage voice actors that'll get more and more populated as we inch closer to release. We already know who's set to voice the male and female versions of the protagonist in Japanese, but the rest is up for debate.

For more on the new strategy RPG, we suggest looking at the current Fire Emblem Engage characters list. We've combed through the trailer to figure out who is who. After that, our Fire Emblem Engage release date hub can help you count down the days.


Fire Emblem Engage voice actors

Right now, we only know of two Fire Emblem Engage voice actors. In Japan, where voice actors are rightfully treated much like idols, fan-favourite characters, or movie stars, the two leads for the main character Alear were announced alongside the game.

Backed up by Behindthevoiceactors, we now know for certain who we hear voicing the main character's male and female versions in the original trailer. We'll begin listing the lot out in the table below, but details are sparse at the moment.

Character English voice actor Also known for Japanese voice actor Also known for
Alear (Male)UnknownN/AHiro ShimonoRex (Xenoblade Chronicles 2), Zenitsu Agatsum (Demon Slayer)
Alear (Female)UnknownN/AAya EndoMinnie Mouse, Shoko Ieiri (Jujutsu Kaisen)
VanderUnknownN/AYoji UedaShinji Yoshimatsu (Lycoris Recoil), Astos (Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin)

Until we know more about the Fire Emblem Engage voice actors, there's not a whole lot to say. What we have noticed, however, is that the unmistakable tones of Dan Green crop up in the second half of the trailer. We can't be certain without named proof, but we're fairly convinced he's there narrating the action. Maybe as Vander.

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