Fire Emblem Engage characters list - Recruits, romance options, and summons

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Fire Emblem Engage characters featured on the box.
September 15, 2022: We've added a few more shots of some of the nameless characters from the reveal trailer.

The Fire Emblem Engage characters list is already set to be absolutely massive. Taking cues from the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes and even a sliver of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, this brand-new entry in the series is months away from release and we already know more about the returning cast than the entirely new characters it's sure to introduce.

Down below, we're going to try our best to build up a Fire Emblem Engage characters list that will grow as we learn more. We'll go over the protagonist, antagonist, potential Fire Emblem Engage romance options, and the returning favourites.

For more on this one, click that link at the top to go straight to our main page for every article we've written about it so far. For something more specific, our Fire Emblem Engage release date page is a good starting point. Lastly, our Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes review is worth a look if you haven't played that one yet.


Fire Emblem Engage characters we know so far

The following Fire Emblem Engage characters lists out any we spotted from the announcement trailer, using images from both the trailer and previous games to illustrate them.

In the case of an older image being used, this won't reflect the new art style used in Fire Emblem Engage and is primarily used to put a name to the face.

Vander is one of the Fire Emblem Engage characters. They're be available as both male and female body options.


The main protagonist of Fire Emblem Engage, Alear follows in the footsteps of Byleth and the others, meaning they can be either male or female without affecting their canon name in the story.

You're free to rename them, but the warrior with the two-tone hair is the main player of this tale. Using their Liberation sword, we see them nibbly slash at enemies on the battlefield.

Vander is one of the Fire Emblem Engage characters.


A heavily-armored Paladin, this gruff older gentleman uses an axe combined with the speed and strenght of his steed to deliver powerful blows.

Etie is one of the Fire Emblem Engage characters.


Etie is a character we see in the trailer firing at a Corrupted Pegasus Knight from atop a tower, dealing the usual increased damage we know the class deals to its prime counter.

Framme is one of the Fire Emblem Engage characters.


Using the Iron-Body Art weapon in the trailer, we see Framme deliver some powerful direct attacks to an Elusian Soldier in a regal-looking castle setting. We first see her with the group cowering at the front as enemies approach. She uses stave in that scene, but we see in using a melee class in action. She appears to have a brother who goes unamed in the trailer.

Louis is one of the Fire Emblem Engage characters.


Louis is a heavily-armoured soldier who we see attack with an Iron Lance from behind his shield, breaking an Elusian Soldier Pegasus Knight along the ramparts of a fortress.

Chloe is one of the Fire Emblem Engage characters.


Chloe, a Pegasus Knight, uses a Slim Lance to knock down a hammer-wielding Thief in the dilapidated ruins of an old village. She hits for Critical damage in the trailer, killing her target instantly.

Calney is one of the Fire Emblem Engage characters.


Calney appears to man the smithy in the main hub. In the trailer, they thank the Alear for letting them open up shop, suggesting they're liberated from another town that comes under attack and given refuge in the main hub.

Citrenne is one of the Fire Emblem Engage characters.


Citrene is a character we see getting the alternative costume treatment in the first Fire Emblem Engage trailer. In it, she's able to wear the Noble Jacket, Sunlit Apron, Floral Apron, Blue-Sky Dress, One-Piece, and Training Wear clothing options.

Alfred is one of the Fire Emblem Engage characters.


We see Alfred standing behind a desk in a quaint manor room. It looks a bit like a hotel or quarters, and with no map present on the desk, we're to assume they oversee the bedrooms of the troops rather than the battlefields they're sent to.

Celine is one of the Fire Emblem Engage characters.


We spot Celine toward the end of the Fire Emblem Engage trailer as she calls upon her Emblem Ring to summon Celica into battle. The two merge before casting a powerful spell to warp to and dispatch a foe.

Fire Emblem Engage Summons - All Emblems so far

Through the use of Emblem Rings, the Fire Emblem Engage characters can call units from past games into battle. A unit has to be assigned to the ring prior to battle to be summoned, but they're not restricted to just the main character.


We fully expect every main character from previous games to be available as Fire Emblem Engage summons. The trailer mentions summoning them into a battle that took place prior to the game, but the visuals showing a wheel of them around the game world. Until we see them in action, though, we won't list them here. Just in case the art styles are throwing us off.

Marth is one of the Fire Emblem Engage characters.


Marth returns yet again to save the day. Perhaps the first Emblem to enter the ring, it's right as assume as much. After all, Marth was the first Fire Emblem protagonist long before its first Western release, with his appearance being iconic not through those games outside of Japan, but from his inclusion in the Super Smash Bros. series.

Sigurd is one of the Fire Emblem Engage characters.


Straight from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, Sigurd returns from the SNES entry looking vastly different to his original 80s artstyle. As the son of Lord Byron, Sigurd has a history steeped in royalty. Expect to hear a lot more about it in this entry.

Celica is one of the Fire Emblem Engage characters.


We see Celine use Celica toward the end of the Fire Emblem Engage trailer. The two merge and use their Level 10 Bond power to cast a powerful Ragnarok spell. She comes in as the main character of Fire Emblem Gaiden, a 1992 NES title that was remade as Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia on the Nintendo 3DS.

Roy is one of the Fire Emblem Engage characters.


Roy makes a brief appearance in the trailer, confirming their position as an Emblem summon Ring-holders can use in battle.

Roy was known as many as the other character representing the series alongside Marth in Super Smash Bros. Melee, but was actually far newer to the franchise than Marth at the time, having debuted in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade in GBA that same year.

Micaiah is one of the Fire Emblem Engage characters.


From the Wii game Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Micaiah, its protagonist for the first part of the story, returns as an Emblem character in Fire Emblem Engage. She was the first main protagonist after Celica to primarily use magic in combat.

Fire Emblem Engage antagonists, villains, and others

The opening moments of the Fire Emblem Engage trailer shows a few characters that aren't directly named. Here, we'll list them out alongside their profiles until we know more.

The Fell Dragon will be one of the Fire Emblem Engage characters.

Fell Dragon

Presumably the re-awakened Fell Dragon that was sealed away before the game, the scary face appears during the moment the narrator covers the subject of their potential reappearance, suggesting it's either the Fell Dragon in human form, a possessed or malicious actor, or someone else entirely.

Framme, one of the Fire Emblem Engage characters, appears with a brother, twin, or other potential sibling who goes unnamed.

Framme's brother


Though we see Framme and her potential twin brother (or sister?) in the trailer, we never see them in action like Framme.

Though they're seen with a book, suggesting they're using a Magic-based class, Framme is later seen using a class that isn't the one from the same scene, so it's anyone's guess as to how they'll perform in battle.

That's about all there is to say on Fire Emblem Engage characters right now. We expect romances, children, antagonists, and more to appear before and after the game's release, so keep checking back for more updates.