Is Fire Emblem Engage multiplayer? - How to unlock Relay Trials and Outrealm Trials

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The Tower of Trials in Fire Emblem Engage.

Is Fire Emblem Engage multiplayer a thing? Given the mostly single-player look of the series, you'd think not. But, in a way, Fire Emblem Engage is multiplayer. It's not a full co-op campaign you can play with your friends on the couch without just swapping controllers, but there are things you can do with other players.

Down below, we'll go over how to access the Fire Emblem multiplayer components and what you can expect from them. Relay Trials and Outrealm Trials are what you'll be diving into here. Being a way to cooperatively or competitively take on battles online, they can be a fun way to extend your playtime without relying on harder difficulty modes that might leave you feeling deflated and defeated.


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How to access Fire Emblem multiplayer

In order to unlock the Fire Emblem Engage multiplayer modes, you first need to unlock the Tower of Trials by completing chapter six. This is a place on the Somniel hub world that houses the Fire Emblem Engage's multiplayer components. Head back to the Somniel after the battle and you should see it unlock.

Head to the building and you'll find a menu that lets you access both Relay Trials and Outrealm Trials. You'll see an option for Tempest Trials at the very top, but these are single-player gauntlets you'll gradually unlock more of as you progress through the game.

Relay Trial and Outrealm Trials, two multiplayer modes in Fire Emblem Engage.

What are Fire Emblem Engage Relay Trials?

The Fire Emblem Engage Relay Trials is a cooperative multiplayer mode where you take on a map in a relay style, essentially splitting your team in two and taking it in turns with your partner to take it down efficiently.

In order to play these, you need to possess a relay ticket. You earn these naturally through the game by completing missions and Somniel tasks, but can also grab more by scanning Fire Emblem Amiibo. This is one of many ways you can use the Amiibo in Fire Emblem Engage.


As well as this, you will get given one relay ticket when you get access to the Tower of Trials. If you click "Take Over" after going into the relay trial menu, you can type in a Takeover ID to access private matches. If you want to join a public game, you can do that instead.

What are Fire Emblem Engage Outrealm Trials?

Outrealm Trials, on the other hand, pit your armies against that of another player. It's functionally the competitive mode for Fire Emblem Engage.

In it, you choose to do a "quick battle", using pre-made maps and random opponents or "custom battles" where you can design and upload your own maps. These can come with unique terrain and obstacles to change the tide of battle.


As well as all of this, you can choose to match up against a friend using their ID. This means you can create your own maps and take on your friends however you like.

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