How to use the piano in Fire Emblem Engage

The piano in Fire Emblem Engage

The piano in Fire Emblem Engage

Wondering what that piano is doing looking so grand in Alear's room in Fire Emblem Engage? Here's what you can do with it. And don't worry: there's no spoiler here. Fire Emblem Engage has quite a lot going on. If you want to understand all there is to it, you'll need to put in the hours. If you want to know how to play the piano in Fire Emblem Engage, read on.

Down below, we'll go over both how to play the piano in Fire Emblem Engage, and walk you through how to find it if you haven't already. We also go through the parameters you need to meet before you are allowed to play it. It's a bit involved, but there's no real way to miss the opportunity.

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Can you play the piano in Fire Emblem Engage?

To play the piano in The Somniel, you first have to make your way through the entire game. You have to beat it, watch (or skip) the credits, and save your game. After this, you can click on a completed save (which will include a little marker for reference) and go back in. Now, you can simply walk up to the piano and play it.

Sadly, though, you won't be able to sit down and play some songs. That's really what the jukebox is for. Instead, the piano in Fire Emblem Engage is just a little way to view the credits again. There's some cute and unique artwork throughout the whole thing, so that might be one reason to seek it out.

The Piano in The Somniel in Fire Emblem Engage
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How to get to Alear's room in Fire Emblem Engage

Haven't even clocked the piano yet? There isn't much reason to go to Alear's room early in the game, so you might not have seen the instrument we're talking about here.

You can get here by going through the door on the second floor of the Café Terrace whenever you're spending time at the Somniel. Once you're in there, you'll see it on the left side of the relatively barren room.

Unlike the bed and memento drawer further up, you'll see no prompt letting you interact with the piano. But you can. Eventually. Go back to it once you load a completed save, and you'll see the prompt just like any other item in there.

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