How to use the memento drawer in Fire Emblem Engage - All memento and pictures

Areal in Fire Emblem Engage

Areal in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage has a huge focus on character relationships, and there's a certain piece of furniture in the game that eventually ties it all together. But you wouldn't know it by looking at it. For that, here's how to use the memento drawer in Fire Emblem Engage. The decision you make with it can change up the ending ever so slightly, so it's worth keeping in mind.

Before we go any further, we have to stress that light spoilers follow. If you want to experience the game as-is, just go at your own pace. It's difficult to miss the Memento Drawer mechanic entirely, but it can be done.

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How to use the Fire Emblem Engage memento drawer

In order to find the memento drawer, you have to go up to Alear's room by going in the door on the second floor of the cafe in the Somniel hub. In here, you will find a sparsely decorated room with a piano and the memento drawer.

Interact with it, and you'll just be told that something important goes here. But what? It'll take some time to find out by yourself, but we'll let you know what to look out for. If you're interested, keep reading.

Spoilers for relationships in Fire Emblem Engage ahead. If you don't want this spoiled, keep playing the game and you should be able to figure it out by yourself.
The memento drawer in Fire Emblem Engage
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What goes in the memento drawer in Fire Emblem Engage?

Once you've done a full loop of the continent of Elyos, you'll come across an optional paralogue chapter around the area you first started your adventure. Complete the daring challenge and you'll receive the Pact Ring.

This unique ring can be given to a character with support rank A to increase them to what would have been S-rank in past games. You'll get a little ring symbol by their Support rank instead.

As a reward for deciding who to give your Pact Ring to, you'll get a final Support conversation with them, a unique piece of artwork depicting them with the ring, and the memento they give you in return will appear atop the Memento Drawer for the remainder of your playthrough.

You can interact with it to remind yourself of what the item stands for in your relationship with your chosen Pact Ring recipient.

Can I get more mementoes in Fire Emblem Engage?

There's no official way to get more than one memento for the drawer in Fire Emblem Engage, as you can only give the required Pact Ring to a single character in the same playthrough.

If you want to see the Pact Ring cutscenes for more characters, the best thing to do is create a save file before you give the ring to someone. Then you can simply reload the save file and give it to another person until you've viewed them all.

If you want to see the end credits epilogue slide for your chosen pair, though, hold onto the ring until the final battle and create a save just before it instead. Then you can give the ring to each character, complete the final battle again, and view the slightly different credits sequences that play out.

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