How to increase potion storage in Final Fantasy 16

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Clive and Owain in Final Fantasy 16

Learning how to increase potion storage in Final Fantasy 16 is one of the best ways to prepare for a big boss fight. Given they can keep you alive for longer and you can even equip a necklace that automatically uses them in combat, it's always nice to have a few spare.

In this guide, we'll go over how to increase your potion storage, how to find more potions, and why you shouldn't be worried too much about spending Gil to top yours up. This will be a brief overview of what you should know about potions.

How to increase potion storage in Final Fantasy 16

If you're looking to increase your potion storage in Final Fantasy 16, you have to complete the Weird Science quest first. This will give you two extra standard potions and one of everything else. Though you should click on our full guide to get the full rundown, we'll go over the basics here. You will get this quest later in the game from Owain, who will task you with hunting down the Bomb King in Sanbreque.

Sanbreque in Final Fantasy 16
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Once you have found him, bring the ash back to Owain and he will give you the potion upgrade, alongside some experience, ability points, and Gil.

How to get more potions in Final Fantasy 16

Potions are littered throughout the map in Final Fantasy 16, so you're encouraged to use them as often as you like. Generally speaking, you find more before boss arenas or challenging hunts. As well as this, picking up potions when your inventory is full will automatically use one. This means that it is almost always worth picking them up.


If you can't find potions on the ground, you can buy some from Charon in the Hideaway. They aren't hugely expensive, and you get a lot of Gil throughout the game, so it's not a big deal to spend your Gil on it.

Now that you know how to get more potions in Final Fantasy 16 and how to increase potion storage, you may be looking for more information on the game. If so, here's how to do the Final Fantasy 16 Blacksmith's Blues quest, how to get Gil fast in Final Fantasy 16, and the best weapons in Final Fantasy 16.

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