Final Fantasy 16 Weird Science guide - Bomb King location

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The Bomb King in Final Fantasy 16

If you're looking to know how to do the Final Fantasy 16 Weird Science quest, you have probably got quite far into the game. Being reliant on a hunt, this will send you down a path that you will need to make sense of yourself.

In this guide, we'll go over how to complete the Weird Science quest, how to find the Bomb King hunt, and what you get for finishing it. Luckily, you get some pretty good rewards in store!

How to complete the Final Fantasy 16 Weird Science quest

The Final Fantasy 16 Weird Science quest will be given to you by Owain, the Engineer. Here will tell you to hunt down a dangerous monster that has shown up in the world. He is said to drop ash that has special properties.

He wants to distil these properties to use on gear from around the Hideaway. You have to go over to the hunt board, where you will get information on a new hunt.

How to find the Final Fantasy 16 Bomb King location

The Bomb King can be found in the Holy Empire of Sanbreque. Go to The Imperial Chase on the right hand of the screen, where you will find a short pathway with an arena. The Bomb King will be in this arena and will wake up as you approach.

Final Fantasy 16 Bomb King location
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The Bomb King can be quite a difficult fight if you aren't prepared. Being level 33 and coming with tonnes of fire attacks, you want to make sure you show up with some potions. As well as this, it doesn't have a Stagger bar like most boss enemies, so you can't rely heavily on Stagger attacks.

Most of its attacks are like a standard bomb enemy, but Witan will spawn bombs alongside them that will do damage and eventually explode. Make sure to save your AOE attacks for these, as the Bomb King will slowly spawn more until he spawns eight in one move near the end of the fight. If you don't manage to take out his minions, you can wait them out by continuously dodging. Then, move in and attack the Bomb King again. Keep up the pressure until he goes down.

You will get 1150 Experience, 65 Ability points, 12150 Gil, and 20 Renown for taking down the Bomb King.


Then, you have to pick up Ash in the arena and bring it back to the Hideaway to finish off the quest. You will get given a larger bag for doing so, increasing the amount of potions you can carry.

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