How to get Gil fast in Final Fantasy 16

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A fight in progress in Final Fantasy 16.

If you're wondering how to get Gil fast in Final Fantasy 16, there's a good chance you're saving up for a song or nice new piece of gear. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to farm gold, and tonnes of things to sell.

In this guide, we'll go over how to get Gil fast, what you should be doing to get valuable items, and how to sell all your valuables in one go. There are little tricks you learn that will take you through to the end of Final Fantasy 16.

The shop in Final Fantasy 16
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How to get Gil fast in Final Fantasy 16

Generally speaking, you shouldn't aim to grind Gil. Early on, it isn't worth killing enemies purely for loot, as you just don't get much. A new song for the Hideaway jukebox could cost 40,000 Gil, and taking down a squad of enemies might only give you 10 Gil. For this reason, you should be aiming to get valuables instead.

You can get valuables through standard fights, but the most consistent way of doing so is by doing some of the game's many side quests. You can grab them in chests too, so it is worth fully exploring the levels you find yourself in.

Once you have valuables, you can sell them at any of the major shops in the game. When you are in the sell menu, you can simply click on the button displayed at the bottom left of the screen to sell all valuables.

Generally speaking, you will gain enough Gil by just playing the game to avoid having to track some down. Just play through the main quests and you will end up with hundreds of thousands of Gil over time. That being said, selling valuables is a way of getting Gil even quicker.

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