How to lock on in Final Fantasy 16

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Clive wielding a sword in Final Fantasy 16.
June 23, 2023 - locking on is necessary for some of the game's later fights.

Need to learn how to lock on in Final Fantasy 16? Whether you accidentally skipped the tutorial or simply forgot the buttons, we can help you make any future battles that much easier but solving the problem of an erratic camera. Final Fantasy 16 doesn't use an auto-lock system, so your only hope is to do it yourself. That's the cost of freedom.

Locking on in Final Fantasy 16 has a couple of different uses. It's a powerful tool, but one you might want to do without in very specific situations. Some of us might only be able to complete the game by using lock on in every battle, whereas others might perform better without it. There's even the possibility of the forced camera control triggering motion sickness in those prone to it. So choose wisely.

How to lock on in Final Fantasy 16

In battle, you can lock onto an enemy by pressing L1 on your controller. That should snap the camera to the closest enemy you're facing, causing the camera to focus on following you around as you throw hands against your target.

How to switch targets in Final Fantasy 16

Once you're locked on, you can actually toggle between targets as well. Rather than repeatedly pressing L1 as you face a new enemy, all you need to do is click the left analogue stick to cycle between other enemies in the same battle. That means clicking L3.

How to turn off target lock in Final Fantasy 16

Struggling with a battle? Think your lock on is actually making things harder? That's understandable - and it's fine. You can easily turn target lock off by tapping L1 again on your controller. It's a toggle setting, so that's one tap to turn it on, and another tap to turn it off.

Why should you use lock on in Final Fantasy 16?

Being more of an action RPG than a turn-based battler like past entries in the franchise, fights in Final Fantasy 16 are hectic and fast-paced. With both yourself and monsters darting around at high speeds and trying to attack from the flank and rear, keeping them in view can be difficult.

So long as you're not prone to motion sickness, locking on in Final Fantasy 16 can make stringing combos together much, much easier.

When not to use lock on in Final Fantasy 16

When you're dealing with multiple targets at once, it can actually make more sense to turn lock on off. This gives you greater camera control which, if you're quick enough, can help you view the whole battlefield quickly, scanning for any attacks that might come from outside of your otherwise locked view.


So if you find yourself constantly losing vital HP from attacks you couldn't see coming, consider tapping L1 again to cancel your target lock and use the right stick more aggressively as you play.

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