How to save in Final Fantasy 16

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Final Fantasy 16 save game
Credit: Capcom
June 23, 2023 - With the game out now, you want to make sure you are regularly saving throughout your playthrough.

Learning how to save in Final Fantasy 16 is an important part of the game. If there’s one important thing you absolutely need to know when playing an expansive RPG, it’s how to record your progress. If you’ve ever put hours into a game just to boot it back up and realise you need to do it all over again, it’s time to learn how it works.

Though the game will take care of this automatically to some extent, there are plenty of reasons why you’ll want to use manual saves in Final Fantasy 16 on the odd occasion. It never hurts to have options.

How to save in Final Fantasy 16

If you can’t rely on the game saving your progress automatically, or you just want to create a hard save before a big moment you might want to replay later, there’s a way to save in Final Fantasy 16.

Just pause the game using the button to the right of the DualSense’s touchpad. On this menu, move across to the System setting, where you should spot the Save option without too much worry. Click that to load up the hard save list and select your slot - avoiding your current auto-save.

Save your game to one of these hard save slots and you’ll be able to use the Load setting on the previous screen to hop back to that moment in a flash. If you wind up back at the title screen, you’ll find the Load menu selection there, too.

A group of characters stood together in Final Fantasy 16.
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When (and why) to save progress in Final Fantasy 16

Manually saving your game in Final Fantasy 16 can grant you quick and easy access to some pivotal moments of the main campaign. Whether you save right before a big boss battle or a climactic cutscene, hopping into the menu to save your progress on one of the many dozens of hard save slots can give you permanent access to these moments time and time again.


Just load up the save, complete the moment, and come back to it again whenever you want to relive the experience, look for new little details, try a new build, or just show your friends whatever is it that’s happening.

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