How to auto dodge in Final Fantasy 16

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Clive stood next to a fallen animal in Final Fantasy 16.

The action combat approach is relatively new for the Final Fantasy series. You can learn how to auto dodge in Final Fantasy 16 to make getting to grips with the change that much easier. There are other ways to tailor the experience to your liking as well, but knowing how to enable this particular feature will fix some of the more annoying parts about fighting in a 3D space. If you're used to the classic turn-based RPGs, you'll want it on.

So, whether your reaction times just aren't all that these days, or you don't want to do the mental gymnastics that stem from keeping an eye on dodge indicators while you're slamming attack buttons to string together a killer combo, Final Fantasy 16 has your back. But it could also be seen as a handicap in some situations.

How to auto dodge in Final Fantasy 16

There comes a point early into your time with Clive and his crew that sees you acquire the Ring of Timely Evasion. Named link an accessory you'd eagerly roll for in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, it works in a similar fashion, too. Read it literally and you'll know what it's for.

Rather than be a toggle in the menu somewhere, auto dodge in Final Fantasy 16 is achieved by wearing the Ring of Timely Evasion. With it equipped, you'll have a decent chance of dodging an attack automatically. In the game's wording, there's a "medium likelihood" of Clive dodging an enemy's advance without you pressing a button.

The downside to the Ring of Timely Evasion is the fact that you have to wear it to reap its benefits. Even with ten digits on his battle-hardened grabbers, Clive doesn't take the hint from producer Naoki Yoshida fashion sense and can only wear two rings at a time.

With this taking up one of those valuable slots, auto dodging in Final Fantasy 16 comes at a rather steep cost. Not only will it cost you the stats you could get from another ring, but it'll also even limit the points you earn in scored Arcade modes.

Still coming to terms with Final Fantasy's move to an action-oriented combat system? We can help. Read up on how to lock on in Final Fantasy 16. Even with auto dodge, the trick will make busier battles much easier. Knowing how to change the difficulty setting can make a difference, too. And if you're going for 100% completion, check out New Game Plus benefits and how to manually save progress to avoid missing any trophies.

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