Is there New Game Plus in Final Fantasy 16?

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Clive in Final Fantasy 16.
June 23, 2023 - We have checked through our information.

If you're approaching the end of the game, you may be wondering "Is there New Game Plus in Final Fantasy 16?" For some reason, if there’s one thing people want to do after completing a traditionally lengthy RPG, it’s play through it again. If you want a reason to go through it again, check out our Final Fantasy 16 review.

Final Fantasy 16 flips the traditionally turn-based franchise on its head in a way that makes the previous title look slow by comparison. By bringing on some of those who worked on the action-oriented Devil May Cry 5, it even has convenient links to the divisive Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin in a roundabout sort of way. And both games flourished with their post-game appeal.

Is there New Game Plus in Final Fantasy 16?

We’re happy to confirm that there is a New Game Plus option in Final Fantasy 16. So if you’re looking to get the absolute most bang for your $60, Clive’s story should help with that. And you don’t have to jump straight back in once you see the credits roll - you’re of course free to move onto another game, knowing the Final Fantasy 16 New Game Plus option will be sat there waiting for your inevitable return.

So whenever you decide it’s time for another run of the latest numbered title in the series, you’ll be able to get back up to speed in no time at all. Better yet, because you’ll carry certain unlocks forward from your first playthrough, you’ll be able to experience some early moments with features you couldn’t possibly have used in your first jaunt.

How to unlock Final Fantasy 16 New Game Plus mode

Other than actually seeing the credits roll, you won’t have to do much else to unlock New Game Plus in Final Fantasy 16. Once you’re booted back to the main menu after the final battle, you’ll see the option front and centre.

Just click that to trigger the first cutscene and land back in the opening moments of the campaign with choice unlocks ready to go.

Why should I start New Game Plus in Final Fantasy 16?


Beyond just getting to experience the story again with full context, going for a second run through Final Fantasy 16 can forge a faster route to any trophies you may have missed in your first playthrough.

You’ll even gain access to new difficulty modes to both the standard story experience and Arcade modes, as well as leaderboards.

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