What should you sell in Final Fantasy 16?

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A roaring monster in Final Fantasy 16.

When you’re used to having to hoard items for a rainy day or potentially troublesome boss fight in any RPG, it can be hard to know what to sell. So what should you sell in Final Fantasy 16? That depends on your reason for doing so. And we’ll cover both bases below.

Selling items in Final Fantasy 16 can suit a number of difference scenarios. If you’re just looking to clean house and keep your inventory screen neat and tidy, there’s a lot of common materials you can probably part with. But if you’re especially strapped for cash, it helps to know that there are items you’ll have picked up that are designed as nothing more than as a path to riches.

What should you sell in Final Fantasy 16?

If you’re starting at a packed inventory screen thinking there has got to be something you can part with: that’s likely true. Common items like Sharp Fangs can quickly accumulate in your bags.

Rather than hoarding thousands as a time, try to jump keep hold of a few hundred. You probably won’t even need that many, but they’re too common to really care about. Scour your inventory for a similar surplus of materials and you should be able to cut through the clutter while climbing the ladder up to Gilionaire status.

While you’re at if, pay close attention to each item’s flavour text, too. If you spot any item that mentions something like “can be traded for Gil”, do so. These items serve no function other than to be sold for a small fortune. With enough of them weighing down your rucksack, you could see your personal coffers fill up faster than a Chocobo racing after some Gyshal Greens.

If the game is telling you an item is valuable, it isn’t because it wants you to hold onto it like a treasure you might trade to an important character. It’s worth its weight in Gil, and it’s only feature is to be exchanged for cold, hard cash. So much so that it’s time to start wondering why opening up a shop menu doesn’t just result in the vendor pulling them from your pockets automatically.

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