How to unlock the hideaway in Final Fantasy 16

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A face you'll see at the Final Fantasy 16 hideaway.

Wondering how to unlock the Hideaway in Final Fantasy 16? Just like a nice camp or outpost, this secret space is entirely your own, giving Clive and his crew a place to relax, unwind, avoid deadly encounters, and upgrade all the things that make all those nasty fights even possible to survive. But did you know there's more than one? Let's get to it.

Like the numbered game that came before it, Final Fantasy 16 does away with the series' tents being a simple item that turns the screen dark, playing a jingle while your characters rapidly rest up. In this one, taking a break is more literal, with the Hideaway serving as the place to manage party upkeep and upgrade Clive and his squad so that they're ready for the battles ahead.

When does the Hideaway unlock in Final Fantasy 16?

Before you can get to chilling out and relaxing between battles, you'll need to unlock the Hideaway in Final Fantasy 16. You'll first unlock the Hideaway shortly after completing the story mission "A Chance Encounter." After that, you'll have full access to the Hideaway for a prolonged period of time. Just don't get too comfortable.

As you might expect from a game about liberating an entire nation, there might come a time when your regular hangout spot becomes inaccessible. Slight spoiler alert here, but that will happen in the short run-up to the quest "Cid the Outlaw."

So if you think you're closing in on that story mission, get your upgrades all sorted. You won't be able to go back to the Hideaway while those quests play out.

The hideaway in Final Fantasy 16
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What can you do in the Hideaway in Final Fantasy 16?

As you progress through the main storyline, more and more features will be unlocked for you to use at the Hideaway. Most of them are related to the characters that introduce them, so you'll gain access to more as you recruit characters to your cause and have them move into the Hideaway. Here's what to look forward to:

Hall of Virtue

This training mode, available through the Arete Stone, can help you practice killer combos for your next fight.


You can buy and sell items here after bringing Charon back to the camp. Here's what to sell in Final Fantasy 16 to make money fast.

Gear upgrades

Once Blackthorne joins the troupe, you'll gain access to his blacksmithing capabilities, unlocking weapon and armour upgrades.


Moogles man the hunt board, allowing you to take on specific battle tasks and activities for some choice rewards.

Arcade mode

Something for the late-game players, Arcade Mode, available in the Arete Stone, can offer a unique challenge with some troubling handicaps.


There are plenty of ways to unlock music rolls throughout Final Fantasy XVI, but you'll only be able to listen to them at your Hideaway's own personal orchestrion, swapping out the default BGM to your own choice.

Chronolith Trials

Unlocked late into the game, these difficult encounters include level, gear, and item restrictions, challenging you to powerful elemental trials with slimmer time limits and stronger versions of previously fought enemies.


Clive's Reading Table and Story recounting

After meeting Vivian Ninetales, at at various other points in the game, you'll unlock more and more ways to recount what has happened throughout the story.

Clive's Reading Table offers letters from the party, the Wall of Memories can jog just that, and the Loresman Harpocrates will be fleshed out with more background information for places, people, terms, and events. It's essentially Clive taking up journaling. If you need more context, that's where to go.

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