Is Final Fantasy 16 coming to PC?

Final Fantasy 16 gameplay image of a character close up

Final Fantasy 16 gameplay image of a character close up

Fans are desperate to know whether Final Fantasy 16 is on PC. Final Fantasy 16 is approaching fast, and the amazing trailers released have raised our anticipation considerably. It will undoubtedly be among the top games of 2023.

Fans are pleading for a PC version despite the PS5 release date already being slated for June 22. In this guide, we'll explore the current situation regarding a PC release. The game's creator has caused some misunderstanding around the situation.

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Is Final Fantasy 16 coming to PC?

Following its six-month exclusivity with the PlayStation 5, Final Fantasy 16 should be immediately released on PC. Many people thought Square Enix's highly awaited JRPG would be accessible on both the PC and PS5 when it was first announced. Final Fantasy 16 will be a PS5-only title at launch, while a possible PC port hasn't been entirely ruled out, as was later stated.

Final Fantasy 16 will then have the option to expand to other platforms, much like many previous games released as PS5 exclusives. According to the deal struck by Sony and Square Enix, Final Fantasy 16 would only be available on the PS5 for at least six months following its release. Fans shouldn't anticipate seeing Final Fantasy 16 on any other platforms until 2024 at the earliest.

What have the developers said?

Naoki Yoshida, the producer of Final Fantasy 16, recently elaborated on the exclusivity situation. Yoshia made it quite apparent that the planned PC release of Final Fantasy 16 is not happening this year. Yoshia claims that this is so that the PS5 version can perform to its full capacity, because its development team concentrated its efforts on doing so. Yoshida continued, "I would like to produce a PC version at some point, but fans shouldn't anticipate it to happen quickly after the PS5 launch."

The message is clear, yet this is terrible news for Final Fantasy fans who haven't yet purchased a PlayStation 5. It's clear that anyone who wants to play Final Fantasy 16 this year will need a PS5 console. It won't be available until 2024 for those holding out for copies of the game on other systems; perhaps, they'll be able to dodge Final Fantasy 16 spoilers in the remaining time.

The characters in Final Fantasy 16 and the battles they will engage in have already been extensively covered by Square Enix. The game will both embrace the more action-focused aesthetic of the series' most recent entries while still taking the series back to its high fantasy beginnings.

Fans will discover for themselves whenever Final Fantasy 16 comes primarily for PS5 later this year. Time will determine if it all pays off!

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