Is Final Fantasy 16 coming to PlayStation 4?

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final fantasy 16
Credit: square enix

Final Fantasy 16 is right around the corner, expected to hit shelves and digital stores on June 22. With millions of fans still using their trusty PlayStation 4's, a lot are wondering if FF16 will come to last-gen hardware as well.

Naturally, Square Enix's primary focus is to make the best out of the PlayStation 5 capabilities in terms of performance, aiming for top-tier visuals, but giving players the option to run FF16 at 60 fps with performance mode.

Still, the last major release in the franchise, Final Fantasy VII Remake, did come out for Sony's last-gen console. Being a relatively big, expansive game, that fact has given hope to some that FF16 could also release on PS4.

Final Fantasy 16 is confirmed as not being an open-world game, adding fuel to the hopes of many fans as well. So, with that said, is FF16 coming to PS4?

Is FF16 coming to PS4?

final fantasy 16 ps4
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Credit: square enix
Final Fantasy 16 promises to be a GOTY contender

Sadly, if you were hoping for a PlayStation 4 Final Fantasy 16 release, Square Enix has confirmed they have no plans to develop a version of the game that runs on last-gen consoles.

According to Famitsu, the team at Square Enix didn't want to be hampered by the limitations of the PS4, thus deciding to scrap a version of the game that would run on such hardware very early on in development.

So yes, while Final Fantasy 16 for the PS4 was indeed considered, it won't be happening. The same goes for Xbox One, naturally, however, it will remain to be seen if FF16 ends up coming to Xbox Series.

It's worth reminding that Final Fantasy 16 is a timed exclusive to the PlayStation 5, with reports suggesting it'll remain playable on the Sony console for the next year, with a PC port potentially releasing as early as 2024. Realistically, it might take longer.

For reference, Final Fantasy VII Remake got its PC port on December 2021, almost two years after its original release in April 2020. A PS5 version with more content (Intergrade) was released in June 2021. An Xbox version has yet to be released.

With all that said, will you be jumping on Final Fantasy 16 on PS5? Or will you patiently wait for an eventual PC port? Maybe holding some hope for an Xbox version?


Whatever the case, we'll have plenty of FF16 guides for you to steer you in the right direction during the arduous journey across the land of Valisthea.

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