Is Final Fantasy 16 coming to Xbox?

Clive Rosfield in Final Fantasy 16.

Clive Rosfield in Final Fantasy 16.

Some fans are asking a crucial question: is Final Fantasy 16 coming to Xbox? The newest game in the popular JRPG series, Final Fantasy XVI (FF16), looks to be a powerhouse of an experience based on the trailers. The eagerly awaited game, first announced in September 2020, will finally be available to PlayStation 5 owners on June 22.

Platform-hopping is a common feature of Final Fantasy games. Therefore, while we know this latest entry is already confirmed for PlayStation, fans on other consoles are desperate to know if they'll be able to snap it up at launch.

Is Final Fantasy 16 coming to Xbox?

So far, we only know that Final Fantasy 16 is coming to PS5 and PC. Therefore, an Xbox release, either for Xbox One or Series X|S, has yet to be confirmed.

The fact that Final Fantasy 16 is a limited-time PlayStation exclusive has been stated numerous times. The initial trailer made reference to it also being released for PC. However, that has since been completely wiped out and publicly rejected by everyone involved for anytime soon.

Will Final Fantasy 16 ever come to Xbox?

A game series as globally popular as Final Fantasy is bound to crop up on as many platforms as possible, both to make as much money as the publisher can, but also to keep all of those fans happy.

Therefore, it's incredibly likely that Final Fantasy 16 is only a timed PS5 exclusive, and will come to Xbox down the line. That was the deal for other recent games like Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo, which spent a year locked into the PlayStation ecosystem before moving over to Xbox.

However, if you're still using an Xbox One, don't expect to be able to play Final Fantasy 16 any time soon. The game is only releasing on PS5 as it stands, without a previous-gen PS4 port laid out. This means the game could be skipping older consoles entirely.

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