FIFA 23 - How to score free kicks

Image of Mason Mount taking a free kick in FIFA 23.

Need help learning how to score free kicks in FIFA 23? EA Sports' latest entry in the long-running football franchise has completely shaken up set pieces, with free kicks now more complex than before. Gone is the one-stick approach where you also need to time the shoot animation, with both thumbsticks crucial to your aim.

In this FIFA 23 guide, we'll give you some tips on how to score free kicks. That includes a breakdown of the new control schemes and process, alongside the different right stick movements you'll need to do for the different types of shot. It's complicated compared to past games, but definitely worth learning.

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Image of Mason Mount taking a free kick in FIFA 23.
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How to score free kicks in FIFA 23

The first thing to note is that you have to use both thumb sticks to score a free kick in FIFA 23. Previous you only used the right stick after choosing shot placement with the left stick, but that has completely changed.

Now, the right stick changes whereabouts on the ball your players will hit. As such, it corresponds to your position, so if you aim the thumbstick to the bottom left, they will kick the ball in that same area. When moving the right stick, FIFA 23 brings up an orange line showing the ball's predicted trajectory, based on whereabouts you're hitting it.

Then, you'll use the left stick to angle the camera, which changes the area of the goal the orange line aims towards. This is more similar to how previous FIFA games used the right stick, to adjust the camera to the left or right, and your shot's position accordingly.

Once you have your ball positioning and aim lined up, press the shot button to unleashed the free kick. As always, that's circle on PlayStation and B on Xbox. Like previous years, you need to hold down the button until your desired level of power is reached.

Then, tap the shoot button once more, just before the player's boot makes contact with the ball. This triggers the Timed Finishing mechanic, which gives you a better chance of scoring if timed properly.

The ball will then soar towards goal, and you'll have to hope that it hits the back of the net. Free kicks can always be fairly hit or miss, without any guarantee that one will go in, even if you time everything correctly.

Therefore, you'll want to practice over and over in the arena to perfect your free kick technique and consistently score them. Being able to convert a free kick into a goal is always handy, as your opponents will have no choice but concede defeat once they foul you in a dangerous area.

That's it for our look at how to score free kicks in FIFA 23! To learn even more about the game, check out the TOTW 1 squad, as well as our guide on how to griddy as a celebration.

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