FIFA 23 - Puzzle Master SBC solution

Image of the Etihad Stadium in FIFA 23.

Need some help completing the Puzzle Master SBC in FIFA 23? This final challenge within the League and Nation Hybrid challenges is the hardest of them all, and will push your SBC skills and club depth to the limit.

In this FIFA 23 guide, we'll break down our Puzzle Master SBC solution. You'll see which players we chose and why, alongside a breakdown of the requirements, so you'll know precisely what you need to include. That's on top of looking at the rewards for completing this SBC, which are more than worth the effort.

Elsewhere, check out some FIFA 23 ratings to see what OVR stat all of the top players have this year. We've also got some details on the web app, which is now live if you don't have early access. As such, don't be surprised to learn that the beta has now ended.

Puzzle Master SBC solution

Requirements: 11 players, 5 leagues, 6 nations, maximum 2 players per club. Minimum 80 rating and 20 chemistry.

As one of the introductory SBCs in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, completing the Puzzle Master challenge isn't the easiest. There's a good chance it'll be your first introduction to multi league and nation challenges, and with the new chemistry system things can get confusing.

However, the blessing is that you only need a minimum of 20 chemistry to complete it. Since the new maximum is 33 chemistry, it says a lot about how many links you can afford not to make.

In our solution, there's a strong French contingent from multiple different leagues. Not only does this cross off three of the five league requirements, but means you can stuff the squad with other nations from those leagues to make progress. Olivier Giroud's presence allows for Ante Rebić and Nicolás González to flesh out the chemistry.

From there, gradually work on the remaining few nations needed to meet the requirements. With French players found in leagues all across the globe, it becomes quite easy to hit the league requirement. By then, you can slip in one random nation who may not have two chemistry, as by this point you'll already have surpassed the chemistry barrier.

Check out the squad below to see precisely how we did it. This isn't the most taxing SBC you'll face all year, but a nice early challenge to help you get to grips with the revamped chemistry.

Image of the completed Puzzle Master SBC in FIFA 23.
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What do I get for completing the FIFA 23 Puzzle Master SBC?

Once you submit the completed Puzzle Master SBC, you'll get a bunch of rewards. More specifically, the game gives you a Rare Players Pack. This contains 12 rare gold players, giving you a great chance of a guaranteed special card.

Sadly, the Puzzle Master SBC is non-repeatable, so you can't do it over and over again to bag yourself more Rare Player Packs. However, it is the final SBC within the wider group of League and Nation Hybrid challenges.

Provided you've completed them all in sequence, once you submit Puzzle Master you'll get the overall group reward. That's a Rare Mega Pack, containing 30 items, all gold rares, with a guarantee of at least one 83+ player.

That's it for our look at the Puzzle Master SBC solution in FIFA 23. For help in other SBCs, check out our Foundations 1 and Foundations 2 solutions!

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