FIFA 23 Ultimate Team - Foundations 1 SBC solutions

Image of Selhurst Park in FIFA 23.

Image of Selhurst Park in FIFA 23.

Looking for the FIFA 23 Foundations 1 SBC solution? This set of four squad-building challenges is the first group of tasks you'll face when loading into FIFA 23 Ultimate Team for the first time. The rewards are fairly meagre, but completing this set unlocks plenty more to start bolstering your squad.

In this FIFA 23 guide, we'll break down solutions for the four Foundations 1 SBC tasks. They're all fairly straightforward, with the only challenge deriving from the general lack of fodder you'll have in your club at this early stage in the game's lifespan.

Elsewhere, we've got plenty of other FIFA 23 guides to check out. Read up on some player ratings, which are now all available via the web app - which is also live. The beta is due to end very soon, given how close we are to the game's proper release.

First Exchange SBC solution

Requirements: One bronze player

Rewards: Common bronze pack

This is by far the easiest SBC you'll ever complete in FIFA 23. All you need to do is submit one common bronze player in the right position, with no other requirements to meet. As such, you'll easily be able to add any of the various bronzes you get when starting your team, to complete this one in a breeze.

Single-Nation Chemistry SBC solution

Requirements: Three common players, all from the same country

Rewards: Jumbo bronze pack

Again, this is a nice and easy one. When you first start your Ultimate Team, the game lets you choose which nation you want to base it around, and gives you plenty of players accordingly. Therefore, all you need to do is stick three of them in to this SBC to complete it.

Single-League Chemistry SBC solution

Requirements: Three common players, all from the same league

Rewards: Jumbo bronze pack

This is where things begin to get more difficult, purely due to the lack of fodder you'll have in your club at this stage. However, some leagues such as La Liga and Serie A tend to drop quite often in your starter packs, so you may have those lying about in your club.

Image of the Single-Club Chemistry SBC challenge in FIFA 23.
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Single-Club Chemistry SBC solution

Requirements: Two common players, both from the same club and in the right position

Rewards: Jumbo premium bronze pack

This is the trickiest SBC of the group, purely because your club won't be stacked enough to have two players from the same club in the correct position by default. You'll need a CM and CB card, both with common rarity, and given you won't have much disposable income, this can be tough.

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We managed to snag Chelsea CM Ruben Loftus-Cheek in the starter packs, leaving only one CB necessary. Young English defender Trevoh Chalobah was an easy get at 350 coins, enough to complete the challenge.

What do I get for completing the FIFA 23 Foundations 1 SBC group?

Your reward for finishing Foundations 1 is a two players pack, with one guaranteed to be a rare gold card. It's not much to sniff at given you'll get far more gold players in your loyalty packs when you first boot up the game.

Luckily, completing Foundations 1 also unlocks plenty more SBC groups to work through. More specifically those are as follows:

  • Foundations 2
  • Foundations 3
  • Bronze Upgrade
  • Hybrid Leagues
  • Silver Upgrade
  • Hybrid Nations
  • Gold Upgrade
  • League and Nation Hybrid
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