FFXIV P7 boss guide - Agdistis moves and strategy

Agdistis, the P7 boss, in FFXIV.

Agdistis, the P7 boss, in FFXIV.

Want to work your way up to some new FFXIV raid gear for 6.2? Knowing how to beat the fifth circle of Pandaemonium - the penultimate part of the Abyssos section is the key, and this FFXIV P7 boss guide can help. With a handy skill list at the top for a quick reference, you don't even need to spoil the whole fight if you don't want to.

Far more turned than the FFXIV P6 boss Hegemone, Agdistis is one of those fights that's too big for the arena to contain. There's no Sephirot-style transformation to contend with (because it's already big enough) so prepare yourself for some large area attacks, a shattered arena, and a lot of manic sprinting the first time.

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FFXIV P7 boss guide - Agdistis moves

  • Bough of Attis
    • Raises both arms and slams them on the front or back of the arena for wide area damage.
    • Close arms = close damage.
    • Arms outstretched over the arena = rear damage.
    • Is followed by one arm pushing forward.
  • Hemitheos’s Glare III
    • A large donut hit with a safe spot in the middle.
  • Hemitheos’s Holy
    • Individual drop markers on each party member
  • Hemitheos’s Aero II
    • Dual tank busters
  • Spark of Life
    • party-wide damage
  • Immortal’s Obo
    • Creates three safe circles around the arena before destroying the rest
  • Forbidden Fruit
    • Summons a set of three identical monsters.
    • Can be either a set of birds or a set of rams.
    • They despawn after performing their unique move.

FFXIV P7 boss guide - phase 1

Agdistis is a bit of a backward fight. There are a lot of fakeouts and ways to confuse you on the first run, but you’ll get the hang of it with your first clear, trivialising any subsequent ones. Here’s how it works.

Right out of the gate, Agdistis channels a signature move of these off-the-arena fights with larger monsters. It’ll bound the floor with its two hulking fists and signal that it’s about to shift one forward shortly after, knocking any ranged players away who thought they were safe.

FFXIV P7 boss using the Bough of Attis move.
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Watch for these hands, though: Agdistis uses this Bough of Attis attack a few times, and the landing zone can differ. If the arms don’t cover the arena during the cast, it’s slamming the front. If they hang over the arena, it’s slamming the back.

Once the first use is over, spread out to separate Hemitheos’s Holy markers, then rush back to the middle to find the safe spot of Hemitheos’s Glare III. There’s a strong chance you’ll have the aforementioned back Bough of Attis after this, so run forward to hug the boss right after

FFXIV P7 boss guide - phase 2

Soon after, the P7 boss uses Immortal’s Obol, smashing all but three circles of the arena away. Just get into the light spots to dodge this, and you’ll land safely, ready for the chaos that awaits.

As you’d expect, the vast majority of the fight from here on plays out with the three circles and the connecting bridges as the main gimmick.

Bough of Attis typically comes out first, reassuring you that these can stick take the weight of the boss and facilitate the same pushback as before. Get to the rear, then rush to either side to avoid the push.

The tanks then take a buster each (which will hurt if they have any Vuln stacks), the whole team is hit with Spark of Life (which comes with a Bleed), and the first Forbidden Fruit arrives to shock and confuse the group some more. It’s a rush.

FFXIV P7 birds and rams.
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Forbidden Fruit tends to start by dropping static ram-like monsters on each circle, but the eggs can actually hatch a few different creatures either with their own skills. Here’s the lot:

  • Immature Io (Rams)
    • These cast Static Moon, dealing area damage around themselves - stay on the bridges to avoid.
  • Immature Stymphalide (Birds)
    • These rush in a target direction - stand behind one that isn’t in the path of another to avoid.

The monsters despawn after casting their spells, but Agdistis lets out a sneaky shriek as they go down, calling for bursts of energy to cross the arena.

You can see where they’re coming from and the direction they’ll go, so just make a mental idea of where they won’t hit (usually a bridge) and move into their starting point as they travel to avoid the traveling light show.

With another use of Forbidden Fruit (likely the birds this time), Hemitheos’s Glare III goes out again, almost tricking you to jump down the centre hole. Wait it out and the platform will regenerate before it lands. Move in and live.

FFXIV P7 boss guide - phase 3

Right after this, the sneaky devil does that shriek again, causing three lots of twin light pillars to work through way across the reunited arena.

The easiest way to avoid these is to hug the northern strike from either side and simply move into its origin point as it travels, automatically dodging the other two. This will likely catch people out, so shield up if you can, and watch out for a quick Bough of Attis crashing down and shoving you right after.

Soon after, Forbidden Fruit arrive to cause more chaos. Without the separated arena, things get a little harder to gauge. The rams essentially divide the playfield in two, which can make spreading the incoming drops hard if you all end up on the same side.

At that point, things either repeat or shift back into a phase two that’s now ready to stack mechanics like rams and Bough of Attis together.

The arena is shattered once more, and you’re left doing things like hugging the rams in the hopes that Bough of Attis resolves before they decide to pop. So long as you remember that things work in sequence, you should be able to retain a level head and get the clear.

FFXIV P7 meteors.
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The only thing that might trip the group up is a Forbidden Fruit (Ram) drop right after the first here that includes meteor markers as well. In this case, the team needs to wait on the bridges while the Ram’s Static Moon cast goes out and then rush to the meteor drop markers, If there isn’t at least one person in each, it’s probably game over for everyone but the tanks. And they’re no use on their own.

With that fight out of the way and the final just behind a very fast cutscene, why not take a dramatic break and learn how to get the FFXIV Pupu minion? It's a neat little FFVIII reference you might like, but it's a long ride if you're not prepared.

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