How to get the FFXIV Mandragora mount in 6.2

The Mandragora Queen, Onion Knight, and Onion Prince mounts in FFXIV.

The Mandragora Queen, Onion Knight, and Onion Prince mounts in FFXIV.
August 23, 2022: FFXIV 6.2 is out now. You're now free to get the Mandragora mounts with the below steps.

For those wondering how to get the FFXIV Mandragora mount, we've got your back. If you've wanted to ride one of the sentient onions since the good old days of cracking their skulls in La Noscea, your time has arrived. The Mandragora may have been cutesy minions all this time, but the minion haven of the Island Sanctuary has made this classic into your next ride.

Down below, we'll do our duty and instruct you on how to get the Final Fantasy XIV Mandragora mount in the quickest, easiest way possible. And, because there's three different versions of the thing, we'll split the lot into their own easy-to-read sections as well.

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How to get the FFXIV Mandragora mount

We won't know for absolute certain until the Island Sanctuary minigame drops with FFXIV 6.2, but we're positive that's where the Mandragora mount will come from.

Showcased during the last producer live letter before the patch arrived, the Mandragora mount appeared during the Island Sanctuary segment, suggesting it would be a reward there. Also during the stream, the developers gave a glimpse of the rewards menu available in the Island Sanctuary.

We won't know how exactly to best gather up the unique currency needed to buy the Mandragora mount until the big day, but we do know that's how you'll obtain it. Check back on patch day for the full details.

The Mandragora Queen mount in FFXIV.
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How to get the FFXIV Onion Prince mount

Once the patch page went up on the official website, we were treated to an image of two other Mandragora mounts as well. The Mandragora Prince is one of these, and it's another one of the Mandragora squad that first arrived as a minion set following an old quest chain.

Like the standard Mandragora mount (technically the Mandragora Queen) you'll get this one by simply exchanging 12,000 of the Island Sanctuary currency.

How to get the FFXIV Egg Knight mount

If you haven't guessed by now, you can get the Egg Knight mount the same way you get the Onion Prince and original Mandragora mount. The preview showed all three under the last in the Island Sanctuary shop window.

So long as you have another 12,000 of the minigame's currency on hand, you can get this one, too. In fact, you can buy them in any order you want. Get them all, or just get your favourite.

The Island Sanctuary shop window in FFXIV.
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Where to buy Island Sanctuary items

To exchange your hard-earned currency for some Island Sanctuary mounts, you just need to head up the stairs and into the hut near the building guide you'll use to set up your island.

At a desk up there you'll find an orchestrion, a vendor for materials you'll use there, and a trader who'll swap your currency for prizes - including the Mandragora mounts.

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