FFXIV Omega Ultimate weapons - Every weapon for every class

The second Ultimate raid of the FFXIV Endwalker expansion has arrived with patch 6.31, and the very best raiders in the game are pushing themselves to the limit. Why? For prestige. Prestige, and the new FFXIV Omega Ultimate weapons. Beyond relics, they're typically the most eye-catching arms in the game. Like a wearable trophy, they double up with the equippable title to turn heads as you roam around.

Thanks in part to datamining tools and model viewers, we now have the best look at the FFXIV Omega Ultimate weapons long before anyone has even cleared the fight. We're used to a few print-outs during developer streams, but data diggers have made viewing the flashy armaments easier than ever before. So just read on to see the breakdown.

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FFXIV Omega Ultimate weapons

The following Omega Ultimate weapons come courtesy of a handy new video from Desperius FFXIV on YouTube. They quickly got to work modelling each weapon long before the first clear, showcasing each within the raid itself for context.

The end result is a showreel that does the heavily animated weapons the justice they deserve. The images below are pulled from said video for those who can't watch the whole thing, but you're encouraged to check out Desperius' full upload to see them in action. The cinematography is perfect, and the music choice will get you pumped, inspired, and ready to try the fight for yourself.

We'll even leave a link within each class paragraph to take you straight to that section of the video.

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Defeat the Omega Ultimate raid to get your hands on this shimmering gun-sword for your Gunbreaker.

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Dark Knight

Battle your way through the various phases of Omega Ultimate to win your way to the darkest Dark Knight blade you've ever seen.

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Getting the combo deal of the century, a single clear of Omega Ultimate will get the Paladin in your life a sword and shield that stands out more than any other.

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Warriors get an axe artists are already shuddering at the thought of needed to draw for their commission.

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Always finding new ways to make a stick and string look more cumbersome, the Bard Omega Ultimate weapon doesn't disappoint.

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Like your guns with brightly shining barrels? The Omega Ultimate weapon has your back. And your front.

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Though it's hard to tell from a still image, the moving parts of the Omega Ultimate Dancer weapon will mesmerize the party with each spin.

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Before the Dragoon of your party vault to their own demise, they'll make sure to wedge this long and pointy stick into the enemy. It's good while it lasts.

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Relying on the added effects to stand out, the Monk Omega Ultimate weapon is another that needs to be seen to be appreciated. It's like the opposite of the Titan weapons. Practically non-existent.

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There's no way you're fitting the Summoner Omega Ultimate weapon on a bookshelf, but it'll look mighty fine on a lecture, hanging off a wall, or just carried around in the pouring rain.

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Black Mage

Turning the Black Mage into more of a Purple Mage, the Omega Ultimate weapon is filled to the brim with eye-catching effects to make their powerful pose that much more imposing. Unsurprisingly, it goes great with the Omega M/F outfits.

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Red Mage

The Red Mage Omega Ultimate weapon really leans into the DNA design of the battle itself, with the sword looking like one long strand when it catches the right light.

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Getting four for the price of one, the Sage nouliths look like satellites or rocket ships preparing to take off.

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Differenciating itself from the Summoner one (with good reason), the Scholar Omega Ultimate weapon looks bright and inviting. You won't miss this on the battlefield.

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The Astrologian Omega Ultimate weapon uses feathery accents throughout, but it's the obvious choice of the red dot featured throughout that remains the focus here.

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White Mage

Looking about as cool as a White Mage weapon can, the Omega Ultimate staff is giving past relics a run for their money. Thyrus and the Cane of the White Tsar might finally have met their match.

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