How to get the Chrysomallos mount in Final Fantasy XIV

Picture of the Chrysomallos mount in FFXIV

Picture of the Chrysomallos mount in FFXIV

The 6.3 update to Final Fantasy XIV brought with it a host of brand new minions and mounts for players to collect. Some of the mounts are incredibly expensive, suited for those who have saved their Gil and are ready to splurge on something nice. One of those very mounts in the FFXIV Chrysomallos mount.

The Chrysomallos mount is a giant golden sheep mount that really is for those who want to flex their wealth, but have a little fun while doing so. This is insanely expensive, so if you have the Gil to spend, or if you like sheep, then this is definitely one to pick up.

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How do I get the FFXIV Chrysomallos mount?

If you're looking to show off a bit with the Chrysomallos mount, then you may be in luck. There's no difficult challenge to acquiring this mount, you only need to buy it. The item you'll need to buy is the Chrysomallos Horn. It's sold at the Luxury Trader Edelina in Mor Dhona.

A screenshot from Final Fantasy 14 showing the Chrysomallos mount.
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Chrysomallos (Mount)

Once you're at Edelina, you can find the Horn in the "Purchase Luxury" tab. There will be a few other options that you can purchase there, but the price for it is a staggering 50,000,000 Gil. Once you have the Chrysomallos Horn in your inventory, all you need to do is click on the item and you'll have the Chrysomallos in your mount collection.

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