How to get the Corgi minion in FFXIV

The FFXIV Corgi minion.

The FFXIV Corgi minion.

Looking to add a new best friend to your collection? Here's how to get the FFXIV Corgi minion. Added in patch 6.3, it's part of a wider Corgi set that you're sure to want to deck your warrior of light in, and having a little buddy by your side through it all just completes the look.

Like any minion in Final Fantasy XIV, getting the new Corgi minion can be tricky if you don't know where to look. Like the original Fat Cat obtained as a rare item on your fishing pole, this one could take a fair bit of work. There's your warning. You'll need to be a PVE fanatic.

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How to get the FFXIV Corgi minion

If you're after the new FFXIV Corgi minion introduced in patch 6.3, you're going to need to band together with your fellow raiders.

This adorable new minion costs 400 Faux Leaves. And if you don't know what those are, you're a long way off affording this cuddly creature.

Faux Leaves come Unreal-difficulty trials. These are the reworked older trials that cycle with each patch. For 6.3, it's the second of the Heavensward Warring Triad, Sophia, so you'll need to run that test of strength enough times to hit that 400 Faux Leaves count.

If you haven't unlocked the Unreal trial system yet, take a look at our 6.3 quest locations guide above. It'll show you where to go. Once you unlock one, you'll unlock the next as they cycle in and out with each subsequent patch.

The FFXIV Faux Commander sells the Corgi minion.
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You'll need to speak to the Faux Commander and complete the Faux Hallows mini-game each week. It's a lot like Khloe's Wonderous Tails stamp rally, which makes sense given it's her whole invention.

Once you have 400 Faux Leaves, just speak to the Faux Commander again to redeem your Corgi minion. The NPC has a lot of other things for sale, too, so think twice before you pull the trigger.

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