How to fix a glamour not showing in your FFXIV portrait

Struggling with the new FFXIV Portrait feature? Here's a look at how to fix a glamour not showing in your FFXIV portrait. Since they were introduced, the Adventurer Plate and Portrait systems in FFXIV have gone through a few iterations, changing some things for the better, and making a couple of things worse in the process.

With the Portrait system now extending to use in parties and raids, getting the perfect shot is important. But tricky. If you're having trouble with your glamour not showing on your FFXIV portrait, here's the fix. It's a little convoluted and a tad tricky to share without voice and video, but these five steps should help you realise your dream FFXIV portrait.

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How to fix a glamour not showing in your FFXIV portrait

Discovered by Reddit user u/chibosader, they claim to have figured out the intricate steps you need to take to have your glamour successfully show on your portrait. As it's different to your Adventurer Plate and linked to the glamour assigned to your currently equipped gearset, getting it just right can be tricky when you're switching between classes.

Here are the quick steps, followed by a breakdown below:

  1. Update your gear set
  2. Only add a Glamour Plate link if the equipped gear isn't class-specific
  3. Remove your weapon from the Glamour Plate if you want to use link one glamour plate across multiple jobs/portraits.
  4. Save and apply your Glamour Plate
  5. Hit Edit and Save in the Portrait menu

First thing's first, though, you always want to update your Gear Set assignment when you change gear, so remember to click that rotating arrow button on the Character screen whenever you make a change.

Second, it's important that you only add a Glamour Plate link on the Gear Set entry for the class you're trying to make the Portrait for if the gear you have assigned to the plate can be worn regardless of class. Obviously, any artifact gear won't work on another class, which will mess up future Portraits.

If you're looking to use the same Glamour Plate Link on multiple jobs, you need to remove the defining feature - the class-specific weapon - from the equation.

Once that's all set up, just hit Apply on the Glamour Plate Creation window, open the Portraits window, select the slot you want, click Edit, and save.

With that, you should be all set to show off your favourite multi-class glamours regardless of your equipment. For one last collection guide, check out how to get the Chrysomallos mount added to your account.

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