How to get coins fast in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team

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EA Sports FC 24 footballers standing to pose for photograph
Credit: EA

Wondering how to get coins fast in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team? We've got everything you need to earn enough to buy your next Ultimate Team signing in EA Sports FC 24.

Building a squad containing the very best players can take plenty of time and due to the randomised nature of packs, coins are hugely important if you're after a specific player armed with a high rating. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to earn enough coinage to obtain players likely to dominate the meta.

Before we reveal some handy coin-making tips and tricks, take a look at our guides containing information on how to perform a curved lob pass and how Icon chemistry works.

How to get coins in EA Sports FC 24

Squad Battles

Just like previous iterations of Ultimate Team, Squad Battles is an excellent method for building your coin balance quickly. You can earn coins for winning and losing matches in addition to battling it out with the most recent Team of the Week (TOTW).

Additionally, you can alter the difficulty in order to earn a higher amount of coins. The higher the difficulty, the more coins you can earn. With EA deciding to shorten the length of Squad Battles matches, they're bound to prove a popular scheme to earn coins fast.

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team squads walking towards pitch
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Credit: EA

Buying Bronze and Silver packs

Rather than purchasing Gold or Promo packs with your hard-earned coins, we recommend purchasing cheaper Bronze and Silver packs for a chance to generate some profit.

These packs only cost a few hundred coins and could contain a Silver beast that's worth a few thousand coins on the transfer market.

Completing objectives and SBCs

There are numerous objectives available to complete in Ultimate Team. Whether it's purchasing players or scoring a certain number of goals, you can earn plenty of UT coins and boosts that can last for several matches.

SBCs are another way of earning some quick coins. The Foundations challenges are extremely simple and for completing relatively simple tasks, they're definitely worth completing.

Avoid buying Gold or Promo packs

It's very easy to be drawn into buying the more expensive EA Sports FC 24 packs as there's always a chance of getting your hands on one of the better players available.


However, they're not the best place to invest your coins. Premium Gold packs cost 7.5k, while some promo packs can cost in excess of 100k. It's much easier using other methods instead of taking a chance on opening a pack.

There you have it, these are some handy tips and tricks to start earning coins fast in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team. For more, check out our guides containing information on the Nike promo and all of the skill moves capable of outwitting your opponent with ease.

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