How does EAFC 24 Icon chemsitry work?

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EA Sports FC 24 Icon Pele with stadium in background
Credit: EA Sports
September 21, 2023: With early access now live, we've updated our guide so you know everything about EA Sports FC 24 Icon chemistry and how it works.

Wondering how EA Sports FC 24 Icon chemistry will work in Ultimate Team? We've got you covered. The latest EA footballing franchise is ready for kick-off and in EA Sports FC 24, there are plenty of changes affecting the most popular mode.

Icons are some of football's greatest ever players and in Ultimate Team, they're usually some of the more expensive cards to obtain thanks to their incredible in-game performance. Thanks to the addition of PlayStyles, they're bound to be even better.

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EA Sports FC 24 Icon chemistry explained

EA Sports FC 24 Icon chemistry will work differently from previous FIFA titles. Now, Icons will provide a single chemistry point to players of any league in addition to bonus chemistry to players in a team that matches their nationality.

For example, if you've got Patrick Viera in your midfield, any French players will receive further chemistry increases while the rest of the team receives the extra point.

EA Sports FC 24 Icon chemistry with Zidane in midfield
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Credit: EA Sports

How does EA Sports FC 24 chemistry work?

EA Sports FC 24 chemistry works exactly the same as it did in FIFA 23. In order to guarantee a high chemistry for your Ultimate Team during early access or at any point during the cycle, these are the five factors you need to think about when assembling your dream team:

  • Position
  • League
  • Nationality
  • Club
  • Manager league and nationality

Find a combination that meets all of the criteria, and your squad will have much better cohesion and coordination when it comes to kick-off.

There you have it, that's all there is to know about EA Sports FC Icon chemistry. For more footballing intel, check out our guides showcasing the Icons and how to claim all objectives.

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