EA Sports FC 24 PlayStyles explained

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Screenshot of EA Sports FC Erling Haaland staring with stadium structure in background
Credit: EA
September 26, 2023: EA Sports FC 24 PlayStyles are one of several new innovations. Find out how they work and a full list of PlayStyles in our guide.

The addition of EA Sports FC 24 PlayStyles gives the Traits system from previous releases a huge overhaul in order to extract maximum performance from your players during an EA Sports FC 24 match.

With attention already turning towards player ratings, you'll want to know which PlayStyles are best-suited to the players part of your Ultimate Team squad. Thankfully, we've got all there is to know about how they work.

But, before we take a closer look at EA Sports FC 24 PlayStyles, don't forget to take a look at our guides showcasing the UCL Heroes and how to get FC Founder status when the action kicks off.

What are EA Sports FC 24 PlayStyles?

PlayStyles in EAFC 24 act as boosts that improve the specific strengths of a particular player. For example, the Finesse Shot PlayStyle allows you to perform a finesse shot with extra accuracy, speed, and curve, making it even harder for the keeper to reach the ball.

Each PlayStyle comes with a "plus" variant which enhances the standard variant even further, giving you even more benefits over the course of a match.

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EA Sports FC 24 PlayStyles list

In total, there are 34 different PlayStyles to maximise performance in EA Sports FC 24 and they're broken down into six categories. Here's a closer look at each category and all of the available PlayStyles.


PlayStyle Bonus
Quick ReflexesFaster reflexes and reactions when saving a shot taken from inside the penalty area.
Far ReachIncreased chance of saving shots from outside the box.
Rush OutIncrease in sprint speed.
Cross ClaimerFaster reflexes and reactions during a set piece.
FootworkFaster reactions and speed in 1v1 scenarios.
Far ThrowFurther reach and better handling in the final stages of a match.


PlayStyle Bonus
Long ThrowEnhanced power during a throw-in
Quick StepFaster acceleration when performing an explosive sprint.
RelentlessReduction in fatigue loss and faster stamina recovery at half-time.
TrivelaTriggers outside of the foot passing and shooting.
AerialIncrease in jumping height and improvements to physical ability when in the air.
AcrobaticMore accurate when volleying and access to new acrobatic animations.


PlayStyle Bonus
AnticipateIncrease in standing tackle success rate and ability to stop the ball at a player's feet.
Slide TackleAbility to stop the ball at the player's feet when performing a slide tackle.
JockeyIncrease in maximum sprint jockey speed and faster transition between a jockey and a sprint.
InterceptImproved reach and interception success rate.
BruiserExtra strength when performing a physical tackle.
BlockIncreased chance of making a successful block.

Ball control

PlayStyle Bonus
TricksterAble to perform flick skill moves.
TechnicalHigher Controlled Sprint speed and increased precision with wide turns while dribbling.
RapidFaster speed when sprinting with the ball at your feet. Less chance of error while sprinting or knocking the ball ahead.
Press ProvenImproved ball control when dribbling at jogging speed. Improvements to shielding the ball.
FlairHigher accuracy when performing flair passes and shots.
First TouchLess chance of error when trapping the ball. Quicker transition from dribbling after taking the first touch.


PlayStyle Bonus
Whipped PassHigher accuracy, curve, and speed of crosses.
Tiki TakaPerform first-time ground passes with improved accuracy and a backheel in certain scenarios. Enhanced accuracy to short ground passes.
Long Ball PassMore accurate and faster lobbed and lofted through passes.
Incisive PassFaster passing speed without influencing trapping difficulty to the player receiving the ball.
Pinged PassHigher accuracy for through passes. Higher curve for swerve passes. Faster speed for precision passes.


PlayStyle Bonus
Power HeaderIncreased power and accuracy of headers.
Finesse ShotIncreased speed, curve, and speed of finesse shots.
Chip ShotMore accurate and faster chipped shots.
Dead BallAbility to perform a free kick with a higher curve, accuracy, and speed. Trajectory line is easier to see and longer to see where the ball is heading.
Power ShotIncreases speed of power shots.

How to unlock EA Sports FC 24 PlayStyles

You can get your hands on a PlayStyle by completing objectives in a range of different game modes. We expect the best ones to appear in Ultimate Team.


These PlayStyles have been developed in collaboration with football data platform Opta, giving you the ability to guarantee the best performance from the players you select.

It's also worth noting that Team of the Week and promo players will come with a PlayStyle. So, if Messi scores another world-class free kick, there's a chance his card receives a Dead Ball PlayStyle along with enhanced stats.

There you have it, that's all there is to know about EA Sports FC 24 PlayStyles. For more, take a look at our pre-order guide containing all of the bonuses and editions that are available.

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