EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team - News, changes, and more

EA Sports FC 24 Sam Kerr performing celebration
Credit: EA

EA Sports FC 24 Sam Kerr performing celebration
Credit: EA

When it comes to footballing games, there's no bigger mode than EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team. For several years, the mode allows players to build the very best squad packed with players from the past and present and in EA Sports FC 24, the mode is back with plenty of new innovations.

Whether it's using the web app or making the most of early access, there are numerous ways for players to create the strongest squad to face off against their fellow football fans.

Before we reveal more about EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team, take a look at our other guides showcasing our player rating predictions and a closer look at Career Mode.

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team changes

One of the biggest changes heading to Ultimate Team this year is the inclusion of women. Alongside the best male talent, the best female players on the planet will now feature in Ultimate Team.

Whether it's Sam Kerr or Brazilian legend Marta, having the choice of men and women in Ultimate Team gives players even more options when it comes to squad assembly.

EA Sports FC 24 Alex Scott Hero
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Credit: EA Sports
Alex Scott is one of several women receiving a UT Hero card

Icon chemistry

This particular adjustment impacts how Icons impact team chemistry in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team.

Icons will provide one point of chemistry to players from any league in addition to bonus chemistry for players of the same nationality. For example, Wayne Rooney will provide Harry Kane with extra chemistry.

Evolutions and Objectives

Evolutions are new for EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team. Alongside the ability to change the look of player items, players can improve their stats by completing a range of objectives.

As an example, Borussia Dortmund's Youssoufa Moukoko has a base rating of 69 and is Silver. But, after completing objectives, the card upgrades to Gold and an overall of 85.

EA Sports FC 24 Vinicius Jr wearing Real Madrid jersey
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Credit: EA


EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team introduces PlayStyles, an all-new feature designed to mirror the real-life achievements of players.

Players are able to equip a variety of traits onto their player items, allowing them to earn performance bonuses on the pitch. Want Erling Haaland to perform better finesse shots? Equip the Finesse Shot PlayStyle for improved accuracy and a bit more curve.

Squad Battles

EA has also announced the length of Squad Battles matches will be shortened from six minutes to four minutes which is great news for those wanting to complete matches as fast as possible.

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team leaks

Although EA continues to share more information on what EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team has in store, leaks and rumours surrounding future content keep appearing.

At the time of writing, the leaks have started to slow down but once the game launches, we expect plenty more information on future promos and more to appear.

There you have it, that's all there is to know about EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team so far. For more, take a look at our pre-order guide for all of the bonuses available to earn.

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