How to do curved lob pass in EA Sports FC 24

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EA Sports FC 24 Erling Haaland controlling curved lob pass
Credit: EA Sports
September 15, 2023: With a week before launch, we've updated our guide so you know everything about how to do a curved lob pass in EAFC 24

Wondering how to do a curved lob pass in EA Sports FC 24? We've got you covered. Using different passing techniques makes all the difference when maintaining possession of the ball and looking to execute a quick attacking move during an EA Sports FC 24 match.

As the launch of the web app and early access approaches, EA continues to share details on its new era of football games. Using a curved lob pass has plenty of potential to cut open the strongest of defences, especially when using players equipped with a specific PlayStyle.

Before we reveal how to perform a curved lob pass, take a look at our other guides highlighting all things Ultimate Team and Career Mode.

How to do curved lob pass

Like most passing techniques in EA Sports FC 24, a curved lob pass is very easy to do. Here's the button combination:

  • Xbox - LT+RB+Y
  • PlayStation - L2+R1+Triangle

Press these buttons in order and the player in control of the ball will curl and lob it into the air and towards anyone making a forward run.

We expect a curved lob pass to be hugely popular in all modes. Just like in previous years, lobbed passing is often used to get in behind any defenders.

EA Sports FC 24 curved lob pass Neymar controlling ball
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Credit: EA Sports

Is curved lob pass good in EA Sports FC 24?

There's a strong possibility of the curved lob pass dominating the early meta in EA Sports FC 24. In previous FIFA titles, scooping the ball into the air and forwards was a hugely effective attacking method and we expect this to continue once the game is launched.

EA Sports FC 24 release date


The official release date for EA Sports FC 24 is September 29, 2023. Those that choose to pre-order the Ultimate Edition receive a week of early access, meaning you can start playing from September 22.

That's all there is to know about the curved lob pass in EA Sports FC 24. For more footballing intel, check out our guides containing information on the UCL Heroes and Icons arriving in the game.

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