Is Disney Speedstorm on Game Pass?

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Disney Speedstorm Cover art

Now that launch is around the corner, you may be wondering whether Disney Speedstorm is on Game Pass. The game looks like it is going to have a pretty big launch, and part of this is down to how big Disney really is. It seems like the game will only get bigger with time.

In this guide, we'll go over why we think it could come to Xbox Game Pass, what we know about the release date so far, and how the deluxe and special editions of the game work.

Is Disney Speedstorm on Game Pass?

At launch, Disney Speedstorm will not be arriving on Xbox Game Pass. That being said, Disney Speedstorm will be free to play. Buying any of the deluxe editions of the game will give you virtual currency and early access to the full game. This means that you will have to wait until the proper launch if you don't want to buy it, but if you do want to purchase it, you can get in there early.

Given that it comes with the game's currency, it seems unlikely that Disney Speedstorm will ever come to Game Pass, but stranger things have arrived. Disney Dreamlight Valley was a launch title on Game Pass, and it has similar mechanics like a battle pass and virtual currency. We'll update you right here if anything changes or we get a confirmation either way. For now, you may just have to wait until it becomes free.

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